5 Best Guns in PUBG New State | New Weapons and Ammo

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5 Best Guns in PUBG New State | New Weapons and Ammo- There is no doubt that PUBG New State is already creating records in the gaming community. The game features several weapons and guns that you would love to use in battles. Also, you will easily get used to them as most of the guns are from earlier PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Today, we are with the list of 5 Best Guns in PUBG New State depending on their damage and firing rate.

Best Guns in PUBG New State

As mentioned earlier, guns with more damage are useful in a gunfight. You need to know the top-class guns to win close-range battles in the game. We did a lot of research to test and select the best weapons that you must use in PUBG New State. Let's dive into the list,

Best SMG- Vector

best guns in pubg new state

Vector is the best sub-machine gun that you could use to get some quick kills in PUBG New State. It is among the fastest firing weapons that can quickly beat any weapon in terms of damage per second. Moreover, it has less recoil which makes it easy to control by beginners. It consumes 9mm bullets with a couple of attachments to improve stability. However, you should grab the Extended Magazine to avoid reloading it again and again.

Best AR- Groza

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Groza is a drop weapon that you can't collect from the normal loot locations. Many players do prefer Groza over any given Assault Rifle in the PUBG New State. The bullets have maximum damage dealing capacity that can kill your enemy almost instantly. You can enhance its aiming ability using a Compensator. The gun takes 7.62 bullets that deals maximum damage in the game.

Best Sniper- AWM

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It is pretty obvious that AWM is the first choice sniper rifle for any PUBG enthusiast out there. Even level 3 helmet don't stand a chance when hit by it. The player will instantly get knocked and you can easily push your enemy along with your squad. Moreover, try to find a 8x to maximize the accuracy while taking long shots. You need to collect .300 magnum ammo which is exclusively available in the drop crate.

Best Shotgun- S12K

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At last, shotguns may not be an ideal pick for most PUBG New State players. Although nothing can be done if you land within the enemies and only have S12K in your hand. It is a semi-automatics shotgun that consume 12 gauge ammo. If the opponent is close, you can take him down in a single shot and send back to the lobby.

New Weapon- DSR-1

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We also have a new weapon in the game, DSR-1. It will be a brand-new bolt-action sniper rifle with 7.62 bullets. No doubt it could outshine earlier Kar98 in terms of damage and recoil control. You can treat it as new and improved M24 that will become one of the best guns in PUBG New State.

Final Thoughts

We hope you will learn from our Best Guns in PUBG New State Guide and enjoy using them. Make sure to follow Gamzo on various channels to stay in touch with the latest updates.

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