5 Best Loot Location in PUBG New State: Troi Map

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Best Loot Location in PUBG New State: Troi Map: Everyone is quite excited about trying out the new game launched by Krafton last week. We see many players are not sure where to land on the Troi map. Today, we are here with the 5 Best Loot Location in PUBG New State that will help you get maximum bagpack value. You can also find a lot of enemies for an initial headstart in the kill count. Make sure to land with your squad and check out these locations.

#1 Mall

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The first best looting location in PUBG New State that you need to check out is Mall. The area is quite big and has enough loot for the whole squad. Moreover, the Mall is in the middle of Troi map allowing you to move into the safe zone quickly. You can also camp inside secret rooms that are enclosed by automatic doors on either side. Therefore, it is a hot drop location with desirable looting spots.

#2 Trailer Park

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As the name suggests, Trailer Park is an exciting place to get loot and kills without much effort. The whole place is flooded with separate containers (trailers) filled with weapons and ammo. You can easily hide in the gaps and shoot your enemy accordingly. It's similar to Georgopol in BGMI but with a little twist!

#3 Factory

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The next best loot location in PUBG New State that you would love to visit is the Factory. It covers a huge area that automatically increases the loot space for players. Moreover, the terrace is a perfect spot for snipers who would make the bets use of high ground. You can easily equip yourself with level 3 helmets, bags, and vests.

#4 Chester

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Chester is the best loot location in PUBG New State for players who want to play safe. It has three different sections spread closeby for better loot options. The whole squad can land separately to avoid looting the same building twice. Also, you can call for drone shop as the place is open enough. The garages will have vehicles to take you to the safe zone.

#5 Port

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At last, we you can visit Port in PUBG New State that is on the western edge of the map. There are a lot of buildings that give you high ground while shooting at players. If you are stuck between enemies, you can easily escape by swimming inside the water. Therefore, you can leave once getting enough loot for a decent fight.


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