Apex Legends: New Solo Mode

Apex Legends: New Solo Mode

Earlier this year Apex legends came up with the season 2 after huge success from season 1. Lots of people playing this game learning new strategies as a team and it's been awesome seeing people hustling to reach higher tier in the game.

The game is been constantly developing and coming with lots of new things and creativity and the game developers have been constantly receiving feedback and developer team are trying their level best to serve you the best they can.

Iron claw collection event:

This is the new event which apex legend was working up to which released.

According to  Lee Horn, Director of Product Management for Apex Legends. This new update will include:

  1. Limited time: Solo Mode
  2. Octane Town Takeover
  3. Double XP for Top 5 and Wins weekend
  4. Special Iron Crown Event Pack and Iron Crown Event Store
  5. Exclusive event challenges with free loot

Limited Time: Solo Mode

The game was already well made with three people squad. The new solo mode gets introduced for a limited time during the event, you will be not able to play solo after the event ends. According to the game developers, its will be too early to say if we will receive the solo mode permanently but it can be expected soon in future. They will look forward to the response to solo mode and feedback.

Special Iron Claw Collection Pack

Apex Legends Collection Events bring a set of themed, limited-time content to Kings Canyon.  

Apex Legends: New Solo Mode

To know more about the update and know about all exclusive gifts and rewards and new mode please check the below video

To download the game for free: https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends

You can even download from the origin store.

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