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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky Operators in depth

The 2 new operators introduced with operation GRIM SKY are :


Rainbow Six Siege keeps getting bigger and bigger. With the third season of year 3, Operation Grim Sky is set to shake up the meta of the game. Most importantly in addition to the new 2 operators, there’s also a rework to the map HEREFORD BASE and other tweaks to the core game.


Clash is the first defender coming to siege with a shield, this will dramatically change the entire SIEGE meta. Her shield is best-used against crowd control and rush. With  CCE SHIELD  you can do more than blocking corridors. If you are feeling like roaming with her you are able to do that too safely. The ability of Clash to slow down enemies using high voltage Charged Field Generator(CFG). Enemies caught in CFG also sustain low damage over time. However, while Clash is using her shield she can’t melee or use her secondary weapon. Clash comes with P-10C and SPSMG9  as options for her secondary weapon, P-10C being a pistol and SPSMG9 being an SMG with a burst firing mode. In the right hands, Clash can be played to order over the rushing attackers and play the timer situationally.
However, Clash does come with a certain number of counters to her. Thatcher can use his EMP grenades to disable CFGCapitão’s asphyxiating bolts tend to be a bigger threat as she is a one-speed operator and can’t outrun it very quickly. Even without having Thatcher or Capitão, one melee hit can make Clash drop her shield down. Apart from these weaknesses, she seems to be game changing when used situationally and effectively.



Maverick is an addition to the hard breacher gang, his unique ability straightforward and simple. The gadget that comes with Maverick is called  EXOTHERMIC-S “SURI” TORCH, basically, it is a blowtorch. Maverick can use his blowtorch to breach any surface, including reinforced walls, barricades, and hatches. However, there’s a catch to this, his blowtorch only has limited fuel, making breaches like Hibana or Thermite is not the case with Maverick. Above it all his torch makes little to no sound making the tool extremely versatile. The short range on the blowtorch is another weakness. Maverick is better played as a support than guns blazing like ASH.
Maverick excels in his ability to make murder holes on a reinforced wall leading to take out that bandit battery or even getting a kill.  Maverick and Blackbeard combo definitely proves to be deadly as he can safely peek with these holes with his shield. “Now we know why Ubisoft nerfed Blackbeard prior to the operation, as this tactic could be seen as overpowered”. However, with the addition of Maverick, the use of Thatcher can substantially decrease. Above all being a 3-speed operator and his blowtorch he poses to be a definite threat to anchoring and roaming defenders.
In conclusion, Maverick poses to be a certain threat in the right hands. He can be a definite threat when used effectively. However, burning out his blowtorch will render him weak and ineffective. Given the weak pool of resources, Maverick is better used as a support and meta-wise this can open up a lot of new strategies for the attackers.
Maverick comes with 2 options for his Primary weaponAR-15.50 which is a DMR and M4 



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FIFA 19: Release date and trailer

So finally launch date is confirmed and will be releasing on 28 September. And it will be launching for XBOX 1, PC, ps4 and Nintendo switch. The FIFA 19 India price is Rs. 3,999 and the FIFA 19 Champions Edition price is Rs. 5,699. 

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Nvidia trailer with RTX

Nvidia showcased their RTX Technology and also gave us a glance at the Shadow of The Tomb Raider. There was a heavy focus on Real-time ray tracing which should make the lightning effect much more realistic and a better-looking anti-aliasing. Also, it was interesting to know that Nvidia has actually worked with game developers to add ray tracing into upcoming games and soon it will add patches to the existing games. So basically many upcoming games will be partnered with Nvidia to bring out the effect of RTX.

The main highlight was to bring out shadows in the game and maybe that’s why Nvidia chose “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”  to present their new technology. The title of the game suited to their new technology.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider was shown running on the new graphics card. The game was though not able to run at 60 FPS with RTX on. The Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti is supposed to be the top of the line graphics card that is expected to run any game thrown towards it, failing to see that happen is a sheer disappointment.

Though there weren’t any distinct area lights like we saw on-stage of Tomb Raider demo, it was using a single light source – the sun – and used that to create all the ray traced shadowing of the game world.
So basically to achieve something you have to sacrifice something, i.e to get a better visual experience, you have to sacrifice FPS.
So to conclude, even the world’s most powerful and expensive GPU embedded with the most advanced technology is unable to bring out the best FPS possible. Maybe later with updates and patches, it will improve.

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A new Fortnite item on the way

Epic Games has dropped a major hint about the upcoming item. While Fortnite is known for it’s very frequent updates and patches, the new item is likely to be a part of the upcoming v5.30 Update.

Now the ‘major hint’ is coming from Epic Games itself, in a Reddit post, indicating a VERY exciting new in-game item.

Epic’s community coordinator, Sean Hamilton, wrote on the r/FortniteBR forum: “Are you a player on the go? Carry an escape plan in your back pocket with a new item making its way to Battle Royale!”
It’s hard to say what the developer is teasing right now, but with the use of the words “escape plan” and “on the go” have led some to believe that the new item will be the Grappling Hook.

Usually, any new items added to the game will appear beforehand in an in-game announcement screen, but there is nothing of note listed as of now.
Meanwhile, in other Fortnite news, Epic Games has announced they’ll be giving away $1.5m at PAX West.
The next patch update of Fortnite, patch v5.30, is due Thursday 23rd August. Until then, use this extra time to grind any remaining challenges you have.

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Nvidia RTX 2080 finally launched at Gamescom

So the much-awaited event of Nvidia is finally over and their new GPU is finally launched. NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang revealed the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and the RTX 2080 as the first set of graphics cards from the 20-series. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founder’s Edition will be priced at $1,199, the GeForce RTX 2080 Founder’s Edition will be priced at $799 and lastly, the GeForce RTX 2070 will be priced at $599.
Official Indian pricing for the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition is Rs.1,02,500. The GeForce RTX 2080 is selling for Rs.68,500 and the GeForce RTX 2070 is retailing at Rs.51,200


NVIDIA opted for the new RTX branding to promote the ray-tracing performance that the new RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 is capable of. As for the lower members of the GPU family such as the 2060 and 2050, they’re expected to carry the GTX name because they don’t have that big of an improvement in terms of ray-tracing performance. Also, it should be noted that the real-time ray tracing capabilities are because of the new RT cores that are built into the new NVIDIA Turing GPUs.

Indian pricing for ZOTAC’s RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080(tax included):
GeForce RTX 2080 Ti: Rs.105,990
GeForce RTX 2080: Rs.70,990
GeForce RTX 2070: Rs.56,500 (Not confirmed)
So it turns out RTX 2080 is heavy on your pocket. Board partners will be selling their cards at much lower prices. But also keep in mind that this GPU is worlds most powerful GPU.


Pre-order has begun on 20 August 2018 for the new Turing based NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, 2080 and 2070, customers will only be getting their cards starting from September 20th.