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Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer is finally out.

While we don’t know for sure whether Red Redemption 2 is going to make its way for PC, what we have now is a gameplay trailer.
The gameplay trailer is about six minutes long, and features everything from exploration to combat. It manifests the ‘living world’, which is not just any open world, but open and a living thing in and off itself, to be more interactive and detailed, combing actions, story-telling, and a huge world to explore either on horseback or foot.
Watch the trailer here.
The game has been set in back 1800’s in America, when the age of outlaws was ending and the modern world was taking its shape. The protagonist here is Arthur Morgan, and it’s up to the player to exhibit Arthur as a hero or villain in the game as every action here has a consequence.

“Your guns aren’t the only way to interact with your environment”

With Red Redemption 2, Rockstar claims several things like a living world, improvement of shooting and combating, each weapon getting unique characteristics with realistic reload and recoil and many more.
There’s a small glimpse of the slow-motion shooting aka the Dead Eye shooting system at the end of the trailer as well, but we’ll get more on that in future gameplay videos.
While we don’t know yet how much of the claims made by Rockstar is unerring and veracious, the game is set to release on October 26, 2018, for PS4 and XBOX ONE. So far.  Pre-order here.