Battlefield 5 - The Company Trailer Breakdown

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The next Battlefield game is getting a lot of buzz and it will be the first Battlefield series to feature female character. The glimpse of two minutes plus clip give us a glance at the new maps and also gives us a hint of squad play.
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The trailer shows 4 maps.DICE developed a new and improved activity for soldiers in Battlefield V, now you can customize your weapons, specializations, and personal fortifications(reinforcements). Players can make their in-game characters jump, slide, and even vault out of windows.

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Rotterdam Map

So in the above picture, it shows a scene from Rotterdam which is destroyed and we can see the amount of devastation that took place. A player is shown running and he is surrounded by enemies and the detailing in graphics is just great. All the lighting effects and shadows come out alive. Also, the soldier is holding Thomson submachine gun and it was shown a lot in the trailer.

Battlefield 5 will be the largest battlefield ever.

As usual, four classes of soldiers will be available—Recon, Support, Assault, and Medic—and each can be further customized with Combat Roles, a system previously known as Archetypes. Using weapons in battle will unlock additional customization options, including receivers, stocks, barrels, and more. Vehicles will work in a similar manner. Players can use flares to signal allied squads of battlefield events and also light up the battlefield around them.
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Each Company starts with one tank and one aircraft, more can be earned or purchased, and players will unlock upgrades and customization options. Medics will have more ways to revive their teammates. You can customize your soldier from top to bottom and also tune your weapons according to your preference. Tanks and other vehicles can now tow stationary emplacements such as AA and field guns by backing into them.

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Battlefield 5-Map 2

Gameplay looks to be diverse, with players getting a chance to fight it out on the ground across a variety of terrain, in tanks and through the skies. Players will be able to upgrade the different vehicles and aircraft and will decide between more damaging firepower or improved durability. Visual customization will arrive sometime after the game launches.
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Battlefield 5 - Map 1

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As usual, buildings will be destructible. Hitting the side of a building with a shell, for instance, will collapse the walls inward, while firing through a window and into the building will blow debris outward.masonry can dangle off busted-up buildings, eventually detaching and falling. If you happen to be standing under one such bit of masonry when it falls, you're dead.

Main Highlights:

  • You can construct and rebuild fortifications.
  • A battle royale mode will come after launch.
  • The 64-player multiplayer mode
  • Squad members can revive each other, even if they aren’t Medics. 
  • Stationary guns can be towed by vehicles.
  • You can go prone on your back and turn 360-degrees with proper animations while prone.

Battlefield V is available to pre-order now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, starting at $59.99. The Deluxe Edition releases on October 16 and the Standard Edition on October 19. Players can also get a jump start on October 11 by playing the full game with Origin Access Premier.

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