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Can eSports Be Chosen As Career In India?

, third largest Asian country with massive population having potential of making thousands of millions of professional gamers. But is it possible to have hub in ?

It is unfortunate for India to grow as an eSports market as very less people invest in it and the concept of professional gaming is still unknown for guardians and local gamers. According to Flipkart VP Mr. Adarsh Menon points out that parents would want their kids to play games but not to make their career which is rubbing off on eSports as well. The main reason behind not emerging of eSports in India is due to lack of good gadgets for gaming purpose and lack of proper broadband connectiom. And the another reason could be lack of family support and having old traditional thoughts that playing games is waste of time so, parents mainly forces their children to get better job rather than involving in gaming section.

If India wants to get succeed in eSports then they need to do investments in these sectors along with that government should open official eSports department which will look after all matters of eSports as done by European countries and this will affect eSports in India in a positive way. According to Akshat Rathee co-founder of NODWIN GAMING says” eSports is both the formation of interactive entertainment and everything else in the future and countries will compete against other countries based on the power of intellectual, capital and understanding.”

According to him by 2020 mobile gaming revenues o Indian eSports is estimated to reach $1.1 billion, which seems a perfect case for developing Indian gaming community and bring the players of India at international level. So, if you want to be a professional gamer or a member of eSports then you should get contacted with NODWIN Gaming, Entity Gaming, 8bit and so on.

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