DayZ 1.0 Update: Is It A Little Bit Too Late?

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DayZ Is Now A Fully Released Game Folks

The story of DayZ and the paths it took lead the game to a dead end almost all the time. The DayZ saga is filled with wasted potential and opportunities. For those who don't know about how DayZ became to be, here it is. DayZ started as a mod for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. This happened way back in 2012. The mod instantly became a phenomenon. Despite all the awful flaws and bugs the game had, players enjoyed it none the less because it felt fresh and new. This obviously caused an instant boom in the player numbers of Arma 2. This level of popularity and success gave the devs confidence to making DayZ a standalone experience rather than being a mod.

Enter DayZ Standalone

In December of 2013 DayZ got released into a standalone game. DayZ Standalone arrived to steam as an early access title. Early access program at the time was still in its early stages. But nothing could stop DayZ from being a phenomenal hit among the fans and also a commercial success, all while still being in early access. DayZ Standalone sold over a million copies in four weeks, which was unheard of for an early access title at the time.

After this initial boom DayZ's progression as a game was filled with twists and turns. The clunky and bug filled state of the game pushed away a large number of its players. However, the wide spectrum of players DayZ hooked stayed with the game. Beyond this, controversial or not DayZ took steady pace in receiving updates and patches. Although these fixes fixed some issues it either brought new issues with it or broke something which was working fine. This angered the majority of the player base.

A Constant Downhill But With Some Faith

Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ left the company to start his own new studio in 2014. This left DayZ completely in the hands of people at Bohemia. Although the player count numbers stopped seeing a rapid uphill in numbers DayZ was doing fine with the existing players. This dragged "limbo" state stretched DayZ Standalone's early access time period for a painful 5 years. During this time the game had a small and dedicated player base who merely got any major updates on the game. The failure of DayZ to make a leap worth of progression rendered the game as a forgotten one as new hot games came around. The highlight of all this being although, people complained about DayZ being a dead game it wasn't really dead. It failed to satisfy the appetite of players with what they wanted.

Did DayZ 1.0 Enter The Battle A Bit Too Late?

DayZ has always been considered a survival masterpiece by a lot of fans of the genre. It is also recommended as the primary choice for someone looking to play a game like that. However, the Devs couldn't deliver major content pieces not for days, months but years. Finally after 5 years being in early access it is finally a fully released game. Mind us, even though some of the game breaking bugs are now gone the game is still very much rough around the edges. However, the lack of similar titles in the survival genre still gives DayZ the edge it needs in the competition. The hardcore players who kept the game alive for all these time is to be thanked for this potential revival. The free weekend which happened for the game as part of the release brought in a large influx of new players.

However, 1.0 will not only be attracting new players but also will see the return of older players who are coming too see what has changed. Although the price tag of the game is now higher, player numbers on steam shows a steady number of between 10k - 15k players at all given times.

1.0.1 Update, Signaling Regular Updates?

After a week of the official 1.0 release, DayZ is seeing a new update which brings a lot of changes and patches with it. Client crashes are now fixed and server upgrades are also in the works. The patch also includes improved hit registration and server browser optimization.

To conclude, If the Devs keep rolling out updates and content then it's not yet game over for DayZ. For more on DayZ subscribe us.

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