Epic Games Announces 'Fortnite Champion Series'

Epic Games Announces 'Fortnite Champion Series'

About FNCS

'Fortnite Championship Series' is a new international tournament organised by Epic Games starting on 17th of August 2019 and the selection criteria will be same as that of 'Fortnite World Cup' which ended up just a month ago whose winner was a 16 year boy Kyle Giersdorf (Bugha). This time the prize of the tournament is estimated to be more than $10 million.

Selection Criteria

The selection process will be similar to that of Fortnite World cup. So, any of the players who meets the criteria for this championship can qualify to play in trios i.e 'Champion Divison in Arena Mode' and fight for their spots. As it is confirmed from 'Epic Games',every player should have to activate two-factor authentication of Epic Games and have to participate for five weeks of open qualifiers. As this tournament has got three division so it is difficult to say how the players are going to be ranked. And one important thing is that each qualifier round will have its own prize pool with millions of bugs.

FNCS Schedule

It is a six week online competition series for Trios teams where this big event starts from 17th August for all regions. All the teams who are competiting will get series points based on their placement each week. In this tournament, "Solos will be competiting on Wednesdays and Thursdays" and for "Trios teams they will be competiting on Fridays." The final top teams will have face-off from 20th September to 22nd September in the regional events.


Round 1: All teams in championship division and Round 2: Top 1000 scoring teams from Round 1


Round 3: Top 150 teams from Round 2 where top 8 teams will qualify for season finale and Top 100,000 teams will receive series based points and finally cash prize will be given to top teams according to their regions.

Hope this tournament will bring positive impact in our eSports sector.

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