[Exclusive] VCC 2022 starts on Jan 22, all details leaked

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Update (6 January 2022): NODWIN Gaming has officially announced VCC today.

[Exclusive] VCC 2022 starts on Jan 22, all details leaked: After a successful run of VCC (Valorant Conqueror's Championship) last year, Riot Games has finally integrated South Asia to its VCT (Valorant Champions Tour) circuit. The two finalist teams from VCC will be seeded into the VCT APAC Challengers playoffs for both the legs. VCC 2022 Leg 1 is scheduled to be revealed officially on 6 January. However, Gamzo's sources have acquired all details of the tournament whose registrations are set to begin on 7 January.

Structure of VCC 2022 Leg 1

Similar to last season, VCC 2022 will have a total of six regional open for all qualifiers in the following fashion: two for India, one each for Pakistan & Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal & Bhutan, Sri Lanka & Maldives, and one wildcard qualifier. Runners Up of each regional qualifiers will be seeded into the wildcard qualifier.

The winners of each qualifiers will be seeded into the playoffs where they will compete in a double elimination bracket.

Prize pool of VCC 2022 Leg 1

As per our sources, the tournament features a total prize pool of $30,000 (approx INR 22.3 lakhs), out of which the lion's share of $15,000 (approx INR 11.15 lakhs) will go to the winner, the runners-up will get $7,500, and the third and the forth places will receive $3,000 each. Moreover, the MVP of the tournament will get $1,500.

Schedule of VCC 2022 Leg 1

The registrations for all the regional qualifiers are set to begin on 7 January, as per our reliable sources. The table below shows the schedule of all the qualifiers.

RegionQualifier Schedule
India 122 Jan to 30 Jan
Pakistan & Afghanistan26 Jan to 1 Feb
Bangladesh28 Jan to 2 Feb
Sri Lanka & Maldives30 Jan to 3 Feb
India 229 Jan to 6 Feb
Nepal & Bhutan3 Feb to 8 Feb
Wildcard10 Feb to 13 Feb

The playoffs of VCC 2022 (I) will be held from 18 February to 20 February. The grand finals of the tournament is set to begin on 25 February, and finally the winner of VCC 2022 Leg 1 will be crowned on 27 February, as per our sources.

The top two teams from VCC will be seeded into APAC Challengers Main Event and will probably start their run in the second week of March. The schedule for APAC Challengers is yet to be announced.

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