Fallout 76 PC BETA Was A Major Disappointment

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It really feels like a Dead World

fallout 76 pc beta
Fallout 76 PC BETA went live on October 30th from 7 pm- 11 pm ET. However, PC players had a rough launch. When the BETA went live a bug prevented the players from playing the game. The bug caused the Bethesda client to delete Fallout 76's preloaded BETA files. The file size of the game is 50gb. Players with slow internet ended up missing out on the BETA. Beyond this, some players also faced "login failed" error. Fallout 76's BETA time period on the Xbox One also was for 4 hours. Bethesda then announced on Twitter that they will be extending the BETA on November 1 2 pm - 11 pm.
The reception from players on the game is mixed, to say the least. Bethesda is notorious for having game breaking bugs and glitches. However, Fallout 76 is due to release on November 14th and if the BETA is anything to go by, the state of the game is not looking very good.
There are a lot of issues with the game, to be honest. We certainly believe that the game has a lot of potential. The groundwork, core gameplay loop, and the Fallout world are all spot on. However, the game feels empty and dry. Yes, Fallout games are all about the lone wolf adventure through the wastelands. Fallout 76 still feels very much like a Fallout game. However, the lack of NPC's makes the game feel like numb and dull. Every character u meet in game is another player. This is where the fatigue really starts to kick in.

More like a Fallout playground

Fallout 76 feels like a Fallout Playground rather than feeling like an actual game. The lack of NPC's are the major issues here. The Quest lines in the game are given to you in the form of "holotapes". Technically, the quest asks you to meet a person but spoiler alert, the person is dead and the holotapes are what you will find. This continues throughout every quest. This gets boring, to say the least after some good amount of time. This is not where the issues end either. The performance of the game is also bad.
The game engine is dated and as a result, there are a lot of issues with the graphics and textures. The overall polishing of the textures off by miles. The textures keep popping everywhere. Do note that the world is 4 times larger than Fallout 4's world. However, the game engine is really showing its age.
The chances of Bethesda fixing these issues before launch is zero to none. However, at this point, we can only expect the game to at least release to a playable state. The issues that were present in Fallout 4 are all still present here. If we were to touch on that, the article will not end.

Did they port this game to PC in like 1 week?

The PC port of the game specifically feels like a half-baked version. Even the building controls are cluttered with unnecessary bindings and controls. Everything from the quality of life aspects to core elements of the game feels off. Fallout 76 gunplay also feels clunky. To conclude, Fallout 76 BETA phase only shows the wasted potential this game had. The PC BETA, in particular, shows how careless of a port it is on the PC platform. However, Bethesda has the perk system and the setting of the game spot on. But this game is not going anywhere until Bethesda fixes the issues with the game's stability and gameplay in general. As an ending note, we will suggest you to wait for at least a couple of weeks after the game is out. But then if you want to pre-order the game then do by all means.

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