G-Donkey, Play to Earn Guild from India reaches 100 Axie Infinity Scholars

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  • P2E (Play to Earn) games in their most basic essence, P2E games refer to games that reward their users by paying them.
  • G-Donkey is one of the first Play to earn guilds from India to reach 100 Axie Infinity scholars!
  • G-Donkey aims to empower gamers with NFT assets that allow gamers to provide monetary value in the real world. Which is changing the outlook of society towards a "typical gamer".

Blockchain-powered gaming guilds like these provide a unique opportunity in the P2E (Play to Earn) gaming environment. By providing gamers with Axies or other NFT assets, which otherwise would not be affordable. Giving anyone a chance to use their skill to earn while they play games. 

G-Donkey currently supports the following NFT games:

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Big Time
  3. Star Atlas
  4. Cyball

And more.

Axie Infinity Scholarships

The Guild recently announced that they have achieved 100 Scholars with an Average of 100 SLP per scholar!

Scholars play for free, to earn a crypto token called SLP token in exchange for playing Axie infinity. Currently, the token is priced at 0.01$ with an all-time high of 0.40$.


PAUL, a Filipino scholar of G-Donkey has also reached the top 50 ranks on the Axie leaderboards in the offseason.

Amit Ghodke a lawyer who plays Axie Infinity for G-Donkey won the Battle in Bharath tournament organized by Axie Infinity India community!

Both the scholars credit their performance partly to the guild's dedication to coaching and training provided by the guild. 

Coaching for Casuals and Esports

The guild regularly holds coaching sessions on their discord with some of the best players from India, coaching esports aspirants as well as the newcomers. All are welcome to join the coaching sessions on G-Donkey discord servers.

g donkey discord on
g donkey axie infinity on

India, a Leader in Play to Earn Gaming?

Though India has the potential of being the biggest market of the play-to-earn ecosystem, we are yet to see a significant rise in the adoption of these games.

  1. Net national income per capita is just below $2000 in the year 2020.
  2. India has the highest number of Cryptocurrency wallet owners in the world at over 100 million.
  3. Over 190 million people are without a bank account or any savings in the bank.
  4. Indian internet penetration of almost 50% ( 825.30 million at the end of March 2021).
  5. More than 500 million gamers, mainly mobile.

India is possibly the largest gaming market in the world, thanks to the deep penetration of mobile phones and cheap data rates.

India’s crypto user base is the highest in the world. This is an opportunity for India to take leadership in the crypto space.

A combination of the two could put India in one of the top adapters of the metaverse.

Anyone can start right away, no investment is required.

Not every gamer can invest thousands of dollars to start playing the NFT games, this is where the concept of scholarship comes in. The scholarship for P2E games works in a way where the lenders lend gamers NFT tokens required to play the game. In return, the guild gets a share in the earnings made via playing NFT games.

Scholarships - an ingenious system whereby those who have "too many" Axis but not enough time to play with everyone can rent them out to someone else and make a passive profit.

What next for G-Donkey

G-Donkey guild intends to operate as a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization in the future. Where the participants in the DAO will be owners, managers of the Guild, and anyone who holds their token. These tokens will represent voting rights in the DAO.

Speaking on the achievement, Adeeb Sayeed, founder of G-Donkey says, "With play-to-earn gamers are now being more recognized as a productive part of society, the time of gamers being perceived as wasting their time is gone, soon we will see a new type of respect for the title 'gamer'".

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