Here's why PUBG is becoming so famous

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has risen up to become the most popular game and also one of the best titles for the year 2017. This game was developed by Bluehole which is a South Korean based game developer. And its still growing and people are loving it. With its new style of gameplay, the game was sure a different kind of experience for many gamers. Surviving till the last out of 100 players is something different and not a game that we usually play. So what is it exactly that has made the title to the top of the Steam leaderboards surpassing DOTA and CS: GO? Here are the reasons for the popularity of the game.

1. Gameplay

The first thing that was different in PUBG was its gameplay. This game requires skills as well as game sense. Everyone around is aiming for the same goal and you have to survive till the last using your own tactics and strategy. You have to constantly hunt and search around you for enemies and loot. The game is totally unpredictable and requires constant attention around you and this makes it exciting. Every decision you take in the game will affect you in some way. Even your slight footstep can make a big mistake.
Here's why pubg is becoming so famous

2. Audience Everywhere

This game with a new concept, battle royale attracted everyone and within a short period of time, more than 20 million copies were sold.  And one of the reasons for this is Youtube Streamers. Many popular YouTubers started streaming this game day and night and ultimately this lead to reach a large number of audience. The game was pleasing to watch and fun to play for hours and this is one of the reasons for gathering more audience. Streamers loved it and viewers buy that.
Here's why pubg is becoming so famous

3. Less Hackers

With fun comes the frustration of hackers. They ruin the fun. Popular games like CS: GO is full of hackers and you cannot deny that fact. At one point everyone stops playing CS: GO. But this was not the case with PUBG as they developed an anti-cheat system called BattlEye, which automatically bans someone who attempts to use cheats like aimbots or other hacks before they’re even able to use them in-game. The bans are permanent. It bans like 6000 players per day and so far they have banned more than 200,000 cheaters.
Here's why pubg is becoming so famous

4. Constant Updates

PUBG is constantly working on new updates and keeping their customers satisfied. They are regularly updating their content, releasing new weapons, vehicles, weather updates. And also at the same time, optimizing the gameplay for better performance. This made PUBG players to engage with the game and try out something new. They are working on new servers to support more players joining PUBG every day. This keeps the players excited. The graphics look dynamic and is a treat to your eyes and it keeps making you play more. Their option to customize their player appearance is also something to vote for.

5. Pubg Mobile

Yes, this is also one more reason why PUBG PC gained more attention. PUBG Mobile shares similar gameplay with same maps but little compromise in graphics. And not to mention it is a free game and all contents are available for free for download. It has aa simila gameplay, UI, mechanics but less number of skilled player. It was a noob friendly game and lots of people started playing. And this made many people to try out PUBG PC for more challenged 'Chicken Dinner'. To experience better graphics and gameplay, users tried PUBG PC and got engaged. Over 50 million pubg pc was sold according to SteamSpy. 
Here's why pubg is becoming so famous
This game never required marketing due to streamers and with the highly active community, it made this game in one of the top-selling games within a short period of time. Near zero waiting time, you quickly enter a match and that is something not implemented in every multiplayer game out there. PUBG is also available for Xbox One and soon to available in PS4. This game is fun to watch as well as to play. It is satisfying and gives you a new challenges everytime you play. After all 'Chicken Dinner' is love.

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