How to Get New Car in PUBG New State?

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How to Get New Car in PUBG New State?: Every PUBG New State player is excited about new vehicles in the game. There is no doubt that vehicles help you reach the safe zone quickly. Also, the car can be an alternative to take cover while in the open. There are several vehicles like Volta, Vulture, Vrion, etc., in the game that you can drive. However, Nova is the most unique electric vehicle that you can have. We are here to explain how to get New Car in PUBG New State.

Nova: New Car in PUBG New State

nova: new car in pubg new state

Nova is a new futuristic concept electric vehicle that you can now find on the Troi map in PUBG New State. It has an astonishing design with elegant seats and a windshield. No doubt it is one of the coolest cars ever introduced in the PUBG World. The only downfall is that it can occupy not more than two people including the driver. Thus, you might need an additional vehicle for the entire squad. It is not spawned like other vehicles on the road

Location of New Car in PUBG New State

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Many players are not aware of where to find Nova in the entire Troi map as it is quite rare. Exhibit Hall is the only place where you can find this exclusive car. The location is in the middle of the map and even has decent loot for the whole squad.

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Once you enter the building, the car is parked on the ground within an enclosed area. It already has a full battery and you can easily take the car for a ride.

Exclusive Skin for Nova

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The players who have pre-registered for PUBG New State also got additional skin for Nova. It is a dark-colored scheme with bright purple strips all over the vehicle. Hence, giving your car an aggressive look.

We hope you now know how to get a new car in PUBG New State. Make sure to drive this beast on the terrain and get the Chicken Dinner. Also, don't forget to subscribe to Gamzo as we upload daily updates in the gaming world.

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