Insurgency Sandstorm release delayed till December

The sequel to the much successful Insurgency is to see a delay in the release date. The dedicated fans of the game think this is a good move by New World Interactive. First of all the open beta of Sandstorm had issues with optimization and a severe lack of polish. The overall reaction to the game was positive regarding these issues. However, the developers took actions quickly to fix these issues. A major patch released seems to have optimized the game a bit more. The initial release date for the game was on September 18th. it seems like the developers are taking more time to release the game to a good state.

Insurgency Sandstorm will release on pc on December 12th. The console version of the game will release next year. The detailed thread on Reddit about the delay touches topics like optimization and improved character models

Insurgency Sandstorm release delayed till December
Above all the developers also ensured to implement features like community servers. Overall this is a great move from the devs ensuring a polished product from day 1. The pre-order beta testing of the game will continue till the launch. The core experience of the game stays true to its predecessor even though the game moved to the unreal engine. Insurgency Sandstorm features both PvP and PvE mode for the players. Apart from the lack of polish the game certainly feels solid. The overall reception from the fans seems to be positive.
The detailed Reddit thread is posted below

New Release Date in December from insurgency


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