Mouse and Keyboard support coming for Xbox one

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Microsoft's Xbox One will now support keyboard and mouse. The barrier between PC and console is getting smaller. Phil Spencer, executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft, made the announcement during Tuesday’s episode of Inside Xbox. So the news is confirmed and only a few weeks are left for mouse and keyboard support.
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Warframe will be the first game to support this new setup. Microsoft partnered with Razer and according to some leaks, the keyboard will support chroma RGB lighting. The new mouse-keyboard setup won't support every game out there. Developers will try to make it compatible but don't expect in every game. Microsoft is promoting the fair gameplay system for their every customer. Breaking the barrier of these input devices will sure bring a balanced gameplay.
Spencer said that existing USB based keyboard and mouse will support Xbox one. More details will be available on November 10 about the combo. Not much information is available now about their new product.

How will it benefit Microsoft?

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For people who are thinking that this is not a big deal then you are wrong. Providing mouse and keyboard support can make user port their PC games to Xbox One. The new combo may attract many users. A better hardware and fair gameplay experience will be sure a treat to many of you. Eventually, in long run, Microsoft will gain more customers and user base will grow strong. Now let us see how developers are able to make their games compatible.
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