Nova Esports- The Winners of PMGC 2021 Grand Finals

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Nova Esports- The Winners of PMGC 2021 Grand Finals: The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 has finally come to an end, where Nova Esports has been crowned as the event's champions. Moreover, a huge prize pool has been distributed among the winners and other teams participating in the tournament.

 Nova Esports has managed to defend their title as the Global champions. Nova esports have a fine start on the first day, but they manage to overcome every team on Day 2. Their good rotations and accurate sprays make them rank in the first position on the table, with 47 points from the team in the second position. Moreover, Nova esports is the only team that managed to surpass 200 points in this event.

Natus Vincere has made a remarkable comeback in the event, securing the second position, having 175 points on their name. Nigma Galaxy has confirmed the third position in the tournament by securing 165 points. Their placement point shows how far a team can come in an official tournament, just with the survival game.

Prize distribution among the winners and other teams

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Overall standings after Day 3 final match

1st placed team: $1.5 million (₹11 crores approx)– Nova Esports

·       2nd placed team: $600K (₹4.4 crores approx)– Natus Vincere

·       3rd placed team: $300K (₹2.2 crores approx)– Nigma Galaxy

·       4th placed team: $150K (₹1.1 crores approx)– S2G Esports

·       5th placed team: $90K (₹66.7 lakhs approx)– D’Xavier

·       6th placed team: $60K ( ₹44.6 lakhs approx)– Kaos Next Rüya

·       7th placed team: $40K (₹ ₹29.7 lakhs approx)– Stalwart Esports

·       8th placed team: $37.5K (₹27.9 lakhs approx)– Six To Eight

·       9th placed team: $34.5K (₹25.6 lakhs approx)– Alpha 7

·       10th placed team: $31.5K (₹23.4 lakhs approx)- The Infinity

·       11th placed team: $30K (₹22.3 lakhs approx)- Damwon Gaming

·       12th placed team: $30K (₹22.3 lakhs approx)- Team Secret

·       13th placed team: $27K (₹20 lakhs approx)– Godlike Esports

·       14th placed team: $27K (₹20 lakhs approx)– 4 Rivals

·       15th placed team: $21K (₹15.6 lakhs approx)– Fenerbahçe Esports

·       16th placed team: $21K (₹15.6 lakhs approx)– Furious Gaming

Note: 30k is excluded from the prize money, which was a participation bonus for every team.

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