Pre-Order For New Green Nintendo Switch Is Available Now

About Nintendo Switches

Nintendo Switch, a video game hybrid console developed by Nintendo for stationary and portable devices was released on 3rd March 2017. This switch was manufactured by 'Foxconn' and 'Hosiden' with an introductory price of $299.99. It is a wireless controller with dedicated buttons and directional analog sticks along with high motion sensing(gyro). It has got 'Nvidia GM20B Maxwell-based GPU undocked:@307.2MHz-384MHz graphics and docked:@307.2-768MHz graphics' with multi-touch capacitive.

Connectivity: It has got Wi-Fi(802.11a/b/g/n/ac) of 5GHz with Bluetooth and a USB with a headphone jack. It has got a Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4310mAH.

Nintendo switch Pre-order

This year Nintendo is planning to release these hybrid consoles with various bunches of new colors including green, yellow, etc from the late month of August. And the other color switches like Blue, Neon Yellow pair, Neon Purple pair, and Neon orange pair will possibly be launched in the month of October. The only concern about the console is its switch. After several months of playtime, some Joy-Con analog sticks will begin to “wobble” and lose accuracy. But Nintendo has promised a replacement if the problem continues in the new consoles.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con in Green Colour

The fun of a new color is about to be enjoyed by many of the users from November. You can preorder the switch now but it won't release until 27th October marking the price of $79.99. If you are not a green color lover then don't be worried because according to leaks more exciting colors of Nintendo Switches are to be launched in late November.

Along with that, Nintendo Switch Lite is also to be launched and go on sale from the month of September which will cost around $100 less than its higher version which will be with better battery life. According to the reports Nintendo is found to be working with Sharp to bring 'IGZO' screens to the Switch, which makes this device more optimized with improved displays. So, Nintendo is about to give many surprises in these two months which will bring a lot of changes in the gaming arena.

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