PUBG adds new Training Map

A new mode for PUBG PC has been added in the game for practicing your aim skills. PUBG training map will allow to improve your gaming skills, shooting and aiming. In a recent tweet, the company announced the new training mode which will put together 5 to 20 players in a two-square-kilometer map.

Players will be able to shoot in a firing range with both stationary as well as moving targets. Also, the map will have dedicated areas for practicing close-quarter combat and melee attacks. Vehicles with stunt ramps will also be added.

You can read more details about the proposed features and areas the mode will contain on Steam.
Dave Osei (Senior Designer at PUBG) describes Training Mode as an "open, living" map with "room to introduce new areas, as well as ideas players, want to see implemented in the future", so its features are highly likely to fluctuate over time anyway.

It's good to see PUBG still working on their campaign "Fix PUBG" and improving the quality of the game. They are even implementing fan-requested features. The campaign is set to run through October. So if you want to improve your aim and play like a pro then this map will be very useful. From parachute landings, shooting or anything else.

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