PUBG PC Update #23 Is Now Live, Patch Notes Detailed.

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PUBG PC update #23 is now available on the live servers. However, The update got rolled out to the test servers last week. The update adds a new sidearm along with a lot of quality of life improvements and other fixes.

New Handgun: Skorpion

Skorpion pistol from PUBG
Skorpion is a new addition to the array of pistols. Beyond this, the Skorpion is a full auto machine pistol that spawns on every map. The Skorpion uses 9mm as the ammo type. This makes it ideal to use at close range. Where the Skorpion really shines is that it almost goes head to head with the uzi without taking up a primary slot in the inventory.
The list of attachments the Skorpion can house are:-

  1. Red dot sight
  2. Suppressor
  3. Vertical Foregrip, Half Grip, Light Grip, Laser Sight
  4. Stock for Micro UZI
  5. Extended Magazine

UI Improvements

  • Added Patch Notes icon to the game lobby. This allows you to check all the information regarding the update directly from the menu.

PUBG patch notes icon in the menu

  • P18C recoil has been reduced
  • Reduced Opacity of the Blue Zone to provide more visibility especially under certain weather conditions.

Blue Zone change screenshot

  • Reticle change functionality improved. Page Up/ Page Down cycles between the options available
  • The selection is available for red dot sight, holographic sight, 2x and 3x scopes.
  • Wheel menu control improved, selections of items should feel easier now.
  • Added an on-screen dynamic key map guide
  • Appears above the minimap.
  • Set to “On” by default, but can be switched off in Settings
Custom Matches
  • Added a new game mode, War Mode: Conquest
  • This game mode has two teams of 50 players fighting each other to capture and hold objectives within an area. Your team earns points as you hold these objectives and the team with the highest score wins.
  • Capture area circle size can be adjusted in the match options.
  • Detailed Custom Games constraints to gain more control over the game including the damage values added.
  • This has an option to adjust damage ratios (from 0 to 500%) in custom game settings.
  • You can adjust the head, upper body, lower body, arm, or leg damage ratio from bullets and melee attacks.
  • You can also adjust the damage ratio from throwables.
  • Training Mode map renamed to "Camp Jackal"
  • Camp Jackal is now available for War Mode matches.
Halloween Skins And Items
  • New Halloween themed skins are now available for purchase from the in-game store.

Halloween skins showcase

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