queue is disabled valorant: How to fix the "queue is disabled" error in Valorant

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queue is disabled valorant: Here's how you fix the "queue is disabled" error in Valorant: Players have been facing a new issue where they are not able to enter matches.

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A message "Queue is disabled" is shown with a red background at the "Start" queue option. The message then further explains itself by saying "all party members are not ready".

Players usually experience this error after queuing up for a match. This is a Client-side issue rather than a Server-side one.

How to solve it?

However, simply restarting your client should fix the error. This should solve the error for the time being. But it might pop up again when queuing up for the next match. Players may have to restart each and every time the aforementioned error pops up!

Riot Games has not fully addressed this error yet.

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