'Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky' Release Date Revealed

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Year 3, Season 3 of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege kicks off soon with the release of Operation Grim Sky.
'rainbow six siege: operation grim sky' release date revealed
Ubisoft shared news of the Operation Grim Sky release date with a tweet that confirmed its September 4 release for PS4, XBOX One and PC.

Ubisoft’s trailer on Operation Grim Sky released weeks ago shows the two Operators in action along with some gameplay tips for playing as and against them.

Like previous Operations, Grim Sky introduces two new Operators to the game — Maverick, an attacker, and Clash, a defender. Maverick is an Attacker from America who can use stun grenades and a blowtorch. Clash, meanwhile, is a Defender from Great Britain. She's the first Defender in the game to wield a shield, which also comes equipped with a taser. The Hereford Base map is also getting a makeover to balance it for competitive play.
“Year Three Season Three is bringing forth modifications to address weapon sights misalignment, an adjustment with the Operator Idle Pick, and improvements to dynamic resolution scaling on consoles,” Ubisoft’s preview of the lengthy patch notes begins. “Hatches are also getting a rework which will improve their destruction. Finally, in addition to the gameplay and technical fixes, expect a map buff on Consulate."
Feedback from test server play has already delivered a number of changes (players may check them out on the game’s official site).
Rounding out Operation Grim Sky is a range of balance tweaks and bug fixes.

Quick Facts

  • Developers: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Genre: Tactical-Shooter Game

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