Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Wind Bastion Teased

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New map set in Morocco

Rainbow Six Siege morocco map
Rainbow Six Siege is taking us to Morocco in its final season of Year Three. Operation Wind Bastion will feature a new Morocco based map and 2 new operators. However, Ubisoft did not reveal what these operators are capable of doing. They are a part of the Moroccan GIGR forces. The new map is located at the Atlas Mountains. This meaning the map could have some emphasis on high ground and elevation. But then these are just speculations. However, Ubisoft stated in the blog post that Enjoy unprecedented roof access, meaning roof access will be a thing and it will have an effect on the flow of the map.
Operation Wind Bastion
The defender is the Commander himself who is as stoic as the mountains are immovable. The commander himself inspires respect. In contrast to this, we can say that the profile of the Commander is seen elite and majestic. However, in the artwork for the operation, he is seen wielding binoculars, along with this a dagger is also seen on his belt. This could be hinting at the operator's ability to deal melee damage in an increased range perhaps. But since he is the Commander himself the binoculars will serve some sort of purpose.
Next is the Attacker who travels wherever the wind takes her. The vague profile highlights the nomad nature of her. However,  she’s an expert on environmental operations with a knack for pushing the enemy back. She could very well be having some sort of gadget related to the environment itself.
Operation Wind Bastion will be fully revealed during the pro league finals on November 17th and 18th.

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