VLT, GE Inch Closer to Qualification! Here is your recap of Skyesports Championship Series (SCS) Day 1

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VLT, GE move closer to qualification, here is your recap of Skyesports Championship Series (SCS) Day 1: After weeks of anticipation and buildup, Phase Three of the Skyesports Champion Series (SCS) started off today. As mentioned in our previous blog, this is the final stage where the two representatives from the South Asia region in the VCT APAC qualifiers will be crowned, and it's happening offline in Chennai. The top six teams of SA are here to battle it out for the ultimate prize, and day one of the action saw two quick, albeit exciting matchups.

The event kicked off with an opening ceremony, where representatives from the teams participating - Enigma Gaming, Full Power Gaming, Global Esports, Orangutan, Revenant Esports, and Velocity Gaming - entered with their flag. Orangutan, in particular, made a style statement, with their rep Vinay 'Hades' wearing the team flag as a cape and unfurling it with a rather confident swagger. After this and the trophy being introduced, the games (eventually) kicked off.

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The stage for the Skyesports Championship Series Phase 3 and the top team reps from SA. Image courtesy: Skyesports.

SCS Day 1 Match 1: Velocity Gaming vs Revenant Esports

The first matchup of the day was between these two behemoths. Revenant Esports (RNT) chose the first map, which was Fracture, and Velocity Gaming (VLT) picked Breeze. After the bans, Ascent was the decider (spoiler: we didn't see it.) VLT started off on the defense and both teams went in for a mirror comp. Both Deathmaker and Knightrider showed off their rifle and operator skills on Chamber as the first half came to a 6-6 close. However, VLT dominated the attack during the second half, losing only one round before winning the map 13 to 7. Round 15 especially was gorgeous to watch with hellff getting a 4k and clutching a 1v3 to win the round for VLT.

The match audio might have been of dubious standards but the gameplay from both teams definitely was not.

Velocity Gaming (VLT) vs Revnant India (RNI) in the first match of Skyesports Championship Series (SCS) Day 1.
Image courtesy: Skyesports.

The second map Breeze, chosen by VLT, saw them start things off on defense with a dominating lead of 6-0, before RNT finally had a say and closed out the half 8-4. RNT's team comp was very interesting - they opted to go in for a double sentinel pick with Knightrider on Chamber yet again and Logistaa on Cypher. You'd think that RNT would have had an easier time on defense with the comp they were running but sadly, after winning the pistol in the second half, they lost five rounds in a row.

Velocity Gaming (VLT) vs Revnant India (RNI) in the first match of Skyesports Championship Series (SCS) Day 1
Image courtesy: Skyesports.

VLT moves on to play Enigma in the upper bracket semifinal while RNT still has a shot- they have to make a flawless lower bracket run and not lose a single matchup from now though.

SCS Day 1 Match 2: Global Esports vs Full Power Gaming

After an extended delay of about two hours, the second, highly anticipated series of the day finally commenced, albeit with a twist. Due to some issues, Full Power Gaming (FPG) were not able to come to Chennai for the event and were instead playing from Karachi. However, they had their fair share of supporters online and off as they went up against Global Esports (GE). FPG chose Haven as the first map, Global chose Bind, and after the bans were exhausted, Breeze was the decider (spoiler: we didn't see this third map either.)

Haven started off with FPG on the attack and they quickly managed to get a 5-1 start, but GE woke up after that. FPG ended the first half with a score of 7-5. SkRossi and Lightningfast both got 4ks in the succeeding half and the excellent entries shown by Lightningfast on the Raze alongside the Breach and Sova utility helped create a lot of space for GE. They managed to win Haven 13-9. It was definitely a close game, with both SkRossi and Lightningfast showing up huge.

Global Esports (GE) vs Full Power Gaming (FPX) in the second match of Skyesports Championship Series (SCS) Day 1
Image courtesy: Skyesports.

The second map, being GE's pick, had them also starting the game off as the attackers and with a significant lead of 6-2, but FPG caught up and won three consecutive rounds. The final score for the first half was yet again, 7-5, this time though in GE's favor. FPG looked quite strong on attack though, and it seemed like the game might head into Overtime after they won 6 rounds in a row. Finally though, GE closed out the game at 13-11.

Global Esports (GE) vs Full Power Gaming (FPX) in the second match of Skyesports Championship Series (SCS) Day 1
Image courtesy: Skyesports.

Global will move on to face Orangutan Gaming in the upper bracket semifinals while FPG has been pushed to the lower bracket, so don't worry, FPG still has a shot.

Day one of SCS definitely did give us some good matchups. However, for those not watching it in person, there were definitely some production issues when it came to starting matches on time, game audio, and casting quality. Skyesports however is known for their rapid improvements during the course of the event so let us hope that is the case.

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