Ring Of Elysium releasing tomorrow: what to expect

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Ring Of Elysium previously known as Europa is coming to steam tomorrow. Ring Of Elysium is a free to play battle royale game published by Tencent. RoE is finally seeing its arrival on steam. The game was previously only available in Thailand. The game was only available through g arena client previously. This didn't stop people from trying the game. People found a workaround to play the game. However, the effort to make the game work was such a hassle.
Ring Of Elysium
Beyond all this, the reception to the game was pretty great. Even with higher ping and terrible translations. Finally, the game is making its way to steam. The community feedback on this has been awesome. The amount of exposure this game could get with this move is huge.
Battle Royale is the sweet darling genre of 2018. AAA games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield are having their take on the genre. RoE needs to compete against these big boys. However, with the free to play model and the backing from Tencent gives the game a strong chance. RoE is not any short on features either. The game is going to be having a snow map on launch.

Snow map!

Unlike the usual BR games with closing safe zones, RoE will have its map divided into regions. As the game progress, a snowstorm will set in the regions freezing players to death. This adds a whole new survival element to the game. This is such a breath of fresh air as the conventional BR games are wearing out now.

Rescue Helicopter

This concept has been tried in many other BR games prominently in Fear of the wolves. However, it failed to deliver on this feature. RoE seems to be having a take on this feature. With the natural disaster moving in u the helicopter is your only option. Let's keep our eyes peeled to see how this pans out.

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