Roscrea: Beyond SkyrimTrailer

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So the new Skyrim trailer from Roscrea was out and it shows the advancement made in the progress.  The trailer ended with a message that the team needed writers and modellers. So its an open call for all the game developers who want to apply for this project.  In Roscrea, you will explore long forgotten ruins, uncover ancient mysteries, and witness two proud civilizations clash on soil stained with centuries of blood and strife.
If you believe you have skill as a writer, quest implementer/scripter, Creation Kit generalist, concept artist, 3D modeler, level designer, navmesher, or voice actor then click here.
Also, they will be hosting a live stream on the 6th of October via their new twitch channel.  So its good news for all those who want to be part of the team. They need you to expand their growth and progress.
Roscrea: Beyond SkyrimTrailer
Here is the official site for Beyond Skyrim

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