[SCS Day 3] Velocity Gaming and Global Esports Fight Hard Against Elimination, here is your recap of Day 3 of the Skyesports Championship Series

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Day 3 of Phase Three of the Skyesports Champion Series (SCS) has incredibly high stakes for the prior representatives of South Asia in APAC. After both Global Esports and Velocity Gaming got pushed down to the lower bracket during day 2, they have to beat Revenant and Full Power Gaming respectively to be able to move on and (possibly) give the fans the Val Classico between them they so ardently desire.

SCS Day 3 Match 1: Velocity Gaming vs Full Power Gaming

The first matchup of the day was between these VLT and FPG, with the loser poised to exit the tournament. FPG chose the first map, which was Icebox, and VLT picked Ascent. After the bans, Haven was the decider map in case it went to a map 3. VLT started off on the defense and fielded MW1 on the Reyna. Icebox is one of those maps where she still gets love, especially from cracked players like TenZ and Cned, and MW1 lived up to that legacy. However, the true hero for VLT was Hellff on the Sova. This was a map where the coordination and team play from both these teams really shone, but VLT pulled it off a little better and they ended up stealing FPG's map pick 13-10.

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The second map, Ascent, chosen by VLT, saw Full Power start things off on defense with a dominating first half of 9-3. The entire team for FPG put up an almost impenetrable defense, with all of them in fact performing extremely well. On the attacking half though, Velocity had MW1 and Deathmaker on the Chamber and Reyna absolutely killing it to take them to overtime. FPG by this time had lost their initial momentum and Velocity closed out the map 15-13.

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This lets Velocity move on in the lower bracket and gives us the possibility of Val Classico tomorrow!

SCS Day 3 Match 2: Global Esports vs Revenant Gaming

The second elimination match up for the day was between GE and Revenant.

Global chose Bind as the first map, RNT chose Fracture, and after the bans were exhausted, Haven was the decider. Bind was GE's pick and they started off slow, while RNT looked comfortable, gaining a 4-0 lead. GE bounced back though and closed out the half 5-7. On attack though, they took 8 rounds in succession almost, with RNT just getting the pistol, the buy-in, and one more before GE won 13-10.

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The second map we went into was Fracture and this time, GE started off on the attack. SkRossi again went in for the Chamber while it was Knightrider who was his counterpart for RNT. Both of them put up an incredible showing and the first half was very back and forth, ending in a scoreline of 6-6. However, once GE switched to defense, they were able to pull off a lot of nice utility combos from the Sage, Breach, and Brimstone to slow pushes and gain time for rotates if needed. Rounds went back and forth and at 10-11, GE were looking like it might be their map. RNT though won 3 rounds in a row to close it out and take us to Haven.

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The final map for the day was Haven and both of these teams have a good track record when it came down to it so honestly, it could be anyone's game. The first half though, Global put up an impenetrable defense, leading to a 9-3 scoreline and it seemed like they could close it out but on attack, they faltered.

Revenant though weren't going down without a fight and they looked almost flawless on attack. GE won three rounds after the pistol to take it to 12-5 but RNT won six in a row till it was 12-11 and it seemed likely we'd see an overtime. Sadly for them, GE won the next round to win the map 13-11 and move on in the lower bracket while RNT got eliminated.

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With today's match results, both Velocity and Global move on to duke it out in the lower bracket semifinals and only one will move on. Tomorrow, we'll know who our first APAC representative is, and also watch Val Classico- a day to anticipate!