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Scum sells 700,000 in a Week!

According to ’s twitter feed, it has sold 700,000 copies. is a survival game and has been in just for one week. It is already in top ten games in terms of players count in steam.
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This game is developed by Croatian studio and described as “Prison riot survival game”. It is an game and was in early access from 29th of August in steam. The gameplay takes place in an island inspired by the Mediterranean where 64 players in a server will attempt to survive and get off the island by first removing the implant.

The game will offer both third and first-person perspectives, from which the player can alternate. If the player gets all of the teeth knocked out, then he will have to find a way to liquify his food in order to digest it. Things like combat will depend on the player’s skill level, but also on things like stamina, health and etc. The complete game will release in 2019.

Quick Facts

Developers: Gamepires
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Genre: Survival (Multiplayer)
Platform: PC, PS4(coming soon)
Release: 2019
Get the early access from here.

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