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Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 : Better Than Everyone Expected?


Battle Royale saved the day?

Call Of Duty seems to be continuing its top-selling fps of the year trend yet again. Treyarch brought Black Ops 4 to the table with a battle royale mode replacing the campaign. However, fans of the series were not happy about this decision. Battle Royale is easily the biggest trend in gaming right now. Call Of Duty getting in on this trend hyped some fans while some fans, not so much. Beyond this, Blackout is a well carved Battle Royale mode.
However, the core loop of the mode is similar to other Battle Royale games. The satisfying gunplay of Call Of Duty makes the mode even more fun. Blackout mode is fast-paced as other Call Of Duty modes. The movement of your character feels very smooth. The pacing of the game is fast too. Matches tend to finish quicker in Blackout. While Blackout on paper could be seen so much like PUBG. It has the ever-shrinking safe zones and be the last one standing. As in PUBG, about 100 players drop into a game and battling it out for that Victory.

PUBG, But Better

The similarities of Blackout with PUBG is only on the surface. Blackout is more polished than PUBG in every aspect. Blackout also adds in zombies into the mix to spice the game mode up. The character movement is fluid and fast. Meanwhile, PUBG movement system still feels restrictive. Blackout also seems to be optimized well. At the time of the writing, the fps on pc is capped at 120. This cap will unlock in a later date. The arsenal of vehicles in Blackout is nothing short of fun. This varies from Chopper to ATV’s.
Black Ops 4 comes packed with all the conventional game modes. Team Deathmatch, Domination, etc all are here too. If you loved the previous Black Ops entries, you will be pleased this time too. However, if you are not into Call Of Duty, this won’t make you love it either. On a serious note, Heist mode in Black Ops 4 is really fun. Multiplayer maps this time around feels a bit ambitious. State of the game seems to be stable and smooth.

Body Armor Needs To Go.

The community is pretty diverse about the Body Armor system. Body armor helps you to absorb a few bullets. In such a fast-paced moment to moment game like Call Of Duty, this system could be seen as unfair. Body Armor mechanic seems to favor campers more. Treyarch should ditch the system or iterate on this.

The Most Tactical Call Of Duty Ever?

Treyarch announced Black Ops 4 as the most tactical Call Of Duty title. However, it is not on the levels of Rainbow Six Siege. The healing mechanic definitely adds to the tactic aspect of the game. Black Ops 4 still very much is a Call Of Duty game. The specialist’s perks could turn the tides of a battle if used strategically. Black Ops 4 doesn’t shift from its traditional Call Of Duty DNA. To conclude, we will say this is very much a Call Of Duty game with some emphasis given to tactical decision and strategy making. Above all, the control game mode seems to be having a lot of spawn camping problems.

Zombies Are Challenging

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 comes with a huge emphasis on zombies mode. Don’t get us wrong Call Of Duty always had Zombies as a great package. This time around Treyarch took things to a whole new level. Black Ops 4 comes with some great maps for Zombies. We will go as far as to say these maps are some of the best in the series. Killing hordes of zombies in the Titanic map, Voyage Of Despair is entertaining as hell. The zombie variety also gets a great haul. The Colosseum map has zombie tigers to top it all.

Ending Note

It is safe to assume that Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 exceeded a lot of people’s expectations. Black Ops 4 might be able to bring back some old fans of the franchise. However, the lack of communication with the community about aspects could turn off fans in the long run. Activision’s decision to put out paid map packs in 2018 is not very wise. This could turn off new players looking to buy the game. Meanwhile, Blackout is definitely the trump card here. Blackout definitely shows its strengths. However, the lack of innovation is visible. Blackout still feels like a PUBG ripoff in some places but better than PUBG in every aspect. Apart from this, every ingredient of Call Of Duty is still present here. This includes the addictive rank system and gameplay. At the time of this writing, Black Ops 4 sits at a Metacritic score of 87.
Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 tdm screenshot

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 : Blackout first impressions

When we got the news that Call Of Duty will be ditching the campaign for battle royale, fans were upset. At E3 only the announcement floored with no trailer to back what the battle royale looks like. That is up till now a week before that we got to see the trailer for Blackout. The trailer showed off various elements like vehicles and zombies to be featured in the game. The private beta gives us a chance to have a much closer look at all these features.

A well-polished PUBG!

It’s been almost a year since PUBG has been fully released. Yet the game is suffering from a ton of problems. It is merely pathetic to see the devs taking a campaign to fix their fully released game. The Choke from the tough competition in the genre and the dominance of fortnite has PUBG down to the knees. Call Of Duty is also entering the same cluttered environment. However, while the core experience stays the same old boring basic battle royale routine Blackout is visually well polished and rich. Players have been reporting to have a smooth experience with the game. The inspirations from PUBG is evident as daylight here everything looks vaguely similar. it’s a shame Call Of Duty a franchise which revolutionized fps genre strips a fatigued gameplay model rather than bringing something new to the table. 
Beyond this, the cash cow COD has become and the lack of innovation it had over the last entries this is something for the returning fans. However, there’s nothing separating Blackout from a generic Battle Royale game. The addition of a perk system which can be used for a limited time is a good addition to the mode.

Conventional gameplay flipped on its head!

Blackout mode features a total of 80 players dropping into its map. The map is comprised of iconic COD maps from the past even from the zombies. Blackout not only has other players as threats but also Ai controlled zombies at parts of the map. disregarding the low time to kill in COD games Blackout has a higher time to kill. This feels suiting for the game for the most part but the gun’s behavior makes it annoying at times too. The fast-paced nature COD has couldn’t tackle the midgame fatigue which is visible as daylight. Increasing the player count could help with this issue.
None the less, the barebones generic Battle Royale Blackout offers with the already on point gunplay and a huge map could bring a lot of players back. However, this is not enough to keep up with the already crowded genre. Blackout mode has the potential to be a good Battle Royale, however, its lack of innovation makes it lag behind. Overall Blackout offers you a Battle Royale experience with all the COD goodness on a larger scale. Private Beta for Blackout is now available on ps4. Protection Status