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Red Dead Redemption 2 new trailer released

Rockstar Games has released another gameplay trailer of Red Dead Redemption 2  to keep their audience excited. It gives more details about the gameplay.
Red Dead Redemption 2
The number of activities you can engage is limitless, and its stunning environment is treat to eyes. It shows off the different types of missions and activities available. Also, you can slow down time while shooting at the target. The game can be played entirely in first person view, which is a great news for fps lovers. It also gives option to view it in cinematic mode. There are occasions where you can gamble, in poker, dominoes, and even rob! Every action depends on your choice. It’s releasing on October 26, 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One. Watch the trailer for more information.
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Wolfenstein 3 coming soon!

Bethesda confirmed at E3 (electronic entertainment expo) that Wolfenstein 3: Youngblood is coming this year. Many of you might have wondered that “The New Colossus” was the end. Well, but Wolfenstein 3 is coming!
Bethesda Softworks is an American video game publisher based in Rockville, Maryland. They said that they are just taking a break and Youngblood is coming. Bethesda has a lot of big games planned for the coming years. Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, Rage 2, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood is scheduled for 2019. Beyond that, there’s Starfield, The Elder Scrolls VI, and now Wolfenstein III.
Wolfestein 3 young blood
It is a World War II based video games featuring battles against the Nazis. So all the fans of Wolfenstein must be eagerly waiting for this game.

Quick Facts

Developer: MachineGames
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Engine: id Tech 6
Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
Release date: 2019
Genre: FPS action adventure