CS GO tricks to improve your game-play

Do you hate less visibility in CS GO?

Do you often miss players sneaking under palace in map mirage?

Mighty solutions are waiting for ya!

  • Open GeForce Experience.

  • Select Drivers.

  • Check for updates and after updating to the latest version click settings icon which is located to the left of your account name.

  • Enable experimental features and wait for the completion of the experimental update.

After that launch of CS GO, start an offline session in a map. Then click  alt+z  to access experimental features. click on game filter. Do you hate less visibility in CS GO?

  • Now click on add a game filter and add color, details, and specialFX.
  • Now assign values to each as shown in the picture below.

Anyway, it all comes down to personal preference so you should tweak for your own preference.
Now let’s the screenshot inside the palace before and after.



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