Team Godlike making their way to PMGC Grand finals

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Team Godlike making their way to PMGC Grand finals: The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) is the biggest tournament hosted ever in the world of PUBG Mobile esports. The PMGC has been scheduled to be played from 21 January 2022 to 23 January 2022, where the top 16 teams across the globe will be competing with each other to lift the PMGC trophy.
The top nine teams from the East league have made their way to the Grand finals of PMGC, while the other 6 six teams from the West league have joined them. In addition, the most fan-favorite team from India, Team Godlike, has joined them.

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How did Godlike make their way to PMGC?

The whole BGIS has been a rollercoaster journey for team Godlike. In this one-month-long tournament, they have seen many ups and downs. However, it’s time to witness them represent India at the world level in PMGC 2022.
Previously, PUBG Mobile esports officials have clarified that BGIS winner will make their way directly to the finals of the Global championship. However, due to the massive spread of Covid-19, several rules and criteria needed to be fulfilled.

Here’s a detailed look at the terms and conditions for the Indian team participating in PMGC (As revealed by Mazy)-

  1. All winning team players must have a valid passport with six months validity. Passports to be provided before 23:00 IST on 16th Jan 2022.
  2. All players need a negative RTPCR on 16th January 2022.
  3. All players should have been double vaccinated and need the vaccination certificates to verify the same.

Skylighz Gaming has won the tournament and concluded as the BGIS 2021. However, two of their players are not meeting the requirement. Moreover, TSM and Team XO are facing the same situation, where they cannot fulfill the criteria. The only team fulfilling the criteria is Team Godlike, which will represent India at the International level.

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