TEC Showdown Invitational server fiasco and what actually happened

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TEC Showdown Invitational server fiasco and what actually happened: The Esports Club is a Bangalore based esports Tournament Organizer known for their quality management and tournament hosting among various PC and Mobile esports titles like Valorant, CS GO, Rainbow Six Seige, PUBG Mobile and more. They recently announced a mixed South + South East Asia tournament commencing on 16th November to 30th November for a whooping prize-pool of $15,000. However, things did not go as planned and their competitive integrity and management was questioned.

The TEC Showdown Invitational

What had happened?

The Upper Bracket quarterfinals Match 1 held between Pakistan's Team Exploit and MYSG's Paper Rex was played on Singapore server despite Mumbai server being the middle ground which outraged number of South Asian fans as they felt discriminated and left out by their own tournament organiser.

The BO3 series was played on Singapore server under which Paper Rex fell for massive ping advantage over the Pakistani squad as they had single digit ping over TE's 90-100ms. Paper Rex whitewashed Team Exploit 2-0 with Map 1 going 13-0 and Map 2 with 13-2.

When the fans questioned TEC on the grounds of Competitive Integrity

Competitive integrity and management of TEC was questioned, and following many misunderstandings between South Asian fans and South East Asian pros, Bleed Chrysania decided to clear things out from their side:

This thing was put to light the day same day as the tournament kicked off but TEC management couldn't help it and the match was conducted on Singapore server despite Mumbai being the middle ground and more fair to both the teams as well as maintaing the competitive integrity.

To which TEC's Co-Founder Mr. Ishaan Arya replied,

So here it seems as it was made all clear and all teams had agreed to play on Singapore server and match ups were like this: SA vs SA (Mumbai), SA vs SEA (SG).

But as the digging continued and fans started referring to the original rule book, they found something that clearly showed TEC's favorable attitude towards SEA teams.

TEC and Singapore players were receiving heavy criticism directed towards them, Twitter went bonkers, whole SEA region got to know about the whole situation and no sooner TEC's director Mansoor "Nabu" Ahmed spoke up on the situation and here's what he had to say:

A server selection process request was put forward by TEC to make necessary changes for a fair competition which was granted by Riot Games within a few hours and a new ruling was passed.

Why did this misadventure happen?

We are not going to tell you which side was responsible for what happened that day, we just want to share our findings after we interviewed all the stakeholders involved here.

TEC's co-founder Captain Arya says that the server selections were a part of the tournament licence by Riot Games. However, Mr. Sukamal Pegu, Head of Publishing for India and South Asia for Riot Games, on being asked about Riot Games' rules for server selection in case of third party tournaments says that, "guidelines are to ensure competitive integrity. For in-region tournaments the server selection is pretty standard and is obvious. For multi region events, it is tricky and usually we ask TOs to work with teams to find an appropriate compromise if there are issues."

TEC had also told the Pakistani teams that there was a condition put forward by Singapore teams that their participation would depend upon the matches being held on SG server only as claimed by relevant sources from Pakistan who want to stay anonymous.

But things got twisted when Bleed Chrysania came up with the invitation email where the server mentioned was "SG". Players from Bleed Esports and Louvre further denied to have put forward such conditions and they also took a stand asking for a fair competition.

Now that you know the incident from all possible angles, you can put yourself in the perspective of each of the stakeholders and do the math. Was TEC making it advantageous for SEA teams for some specific reason?

With that being said, The Esports Club seems to have learnt from its mistakes as they are going to follow the new server selection formula in the upcoming TEC Challengers, and possibly in all tournaments here on.

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