The Walking Dead Developer Telltale Games shuts its doors

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Telltale Games, the developer behind epic narrative adventures like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us has shut down. Telltale Games was having a difficult time this year. Beyond this even though they received good feedback for the new episode of The Walking Dead final season. However, this did not translate into having good sales figures. The developer laid off around 250 employees as a part of their so-called majority studio closure.
However, the studio retained a small team of 25 employees. These remaining employees will stay on “to fulfil the company’s obligations to its board and partners,” according to Telltale. The employees were let go with no severance.
Beyond this, the staff had to clear out of the building within roughly 30 mins on the day of closure. Above all the staff did not receive any notice regarding this until the very day of closure. The studio hired talents as recent as a week ago.
The remaining team will be working on the Minecraft Story Mode project for Netflix. The Walking Dead final season will not be completed as the team was also laid off. However, the second episode of the final season will release on 25th September 2018. Projects like The Wolf Among Us season 2 and The Stranger Things are also cancelled.
Last November the company laid off 90 employees. This translates to the writings being on the wall for some time of something major like this. However, other major studios reached out to the employees as a helping hand.

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