The Crew 2 - Demolition Derby Trailer

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So The Crew 2 received the demolition derby update yesterday. The update includes the all-new Demolition Derby discipline and two new arenas for all the destruction to take place.
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It is somewhat like survival mode but only with cars. Basically, it is kind of battle royale mode where you have to survive by crushing other cars. Players will earn points by crushing their opponents while dodging obstacles like falling elevators, spring-loaded boxing gloves, and other vehicles. The second arena, a circuit built in the heart of the Tucson aircraft cemetery, will allow players to push their opponents off the track. The update will also feature four new demolition derby cars that will be completely destructible, regardless of mode.
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Up to eight friends can compete against each other, regardless of level. New challenges and in-game activities will be added, including exclusive Drift, Alpha Grand Prix, and Rally Cross challenges.
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