We were performing so well that we were named “HACKERS", says TSM Shadow

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We were performing so well that we were named “HACKERS", says TSM Shadow: Gamzo got a chance to sit down with the TSM BGMI lineup post their Skyesports Mobile Open win and ask a few questions about their team. The team shared their thoughts about current performance, esports atmosphere, and competition in India. Here is an excerpt:

On their recent performance and BGIS competition

In recent scrims and tournaments, we have seen that the TSM BGMI lineup is performing well. They are consistent with their performance and dominating in every single tournament. Being one of the most consistent teams from India, they are pretty much confident about their performance in Battleground Mobile India Series.

On the question of Indian teams not participating in International tournaments, TSM Shadow said Indian teams performance would be affected a little bit, as they haven’t participated in any official International tourneys. Also, they aren’t aware of the game plan of those teams. Therefore, it will take time to analyze their gameplay and playing style.

Toxicity in Indian gaming

There is a considerable debate on the whole IGC (Indian Gaming Community) related to toxicity. Many times TSM BGMI lineup is stated as hackers and ESP users. Speaking on this topic, TSM Shadow said that “ When the audience used to call them hackers, they felt that they were performing so well that they were named “HACKERS,” and they enjoyed it. And coming to the toxicity point, they ignore it.

How does TSM approach major tournaments?

Talking about their practice time before any tournament, TSM boys have stated that they used to train more than 10 hours before any major tournament. Practising is the most crucial factor before any event for identifying weaknesses and improving on the points where they’re lacking. Although they are new to the Indian gaming scene, their cohesive teamwork and dedication to the game help them perform better in tournaments. 

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