World War 3 Launches Into Steam Early Access

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A Potential Battlefield Replacement?

World War 3 is a tactical first-person shooter with an emphasis on modern combat. World War 3 also provides a more grounded and authentic experience. The game also features a large scale map and realistic combat systems. The gunplay from the game feels rich and crisp. World War 3 provides u with a "warmap"  with locations like Warsaw, Berlin, Moscow etc. The matches feel and play out similar to conquest mode from Battlefield. The matches also house 64 players per game. Beyond this, you also get the option to either attack or defend. This can be selected once you enter the game. One of the highest points of the game is the rich and deep customization system. You can customize everything on your weapon of choice. This varies from skins to various attachments for that gun.

No Class System!

Unlike Battlefield, World War 3 doesn't give you an option to pick a class. You can choose any weapon you like. However, there's a catch to this. You can only deck your soldier out with the weight system. Exceed the weight limits, your soldier will be slow meaning you will be an easy target. It's up to you that whether you want to equip RPGs and annihilate tanks or take out infantry. This system gives a unique mark for World War 3.
World War 3 seems to have drawn its most impressions from Battlefield 4. This is evident throughout the game. However, the tone of the game is a bit grim. Considering this is not a AAA title like Battlefield, the level of detail is to be appreciated.
World War 3 also gives major attention to vehicles in the game. The array of vehicles ranges from ATV's to jets. The handling of tanks feels simple and easy. ATV's are also easy to use and commute across the huge map with ease.

Sweet Sweet Gunplay

World War 3 without doubt nails the gunplay. For an early access title, this is pure gold. The in-depth customization system also adds to this charm. However, it is to be pointed out that the sounds of the weapons need some more ironing out. At the moment, guns sound like they are lacking the punch. The developers can easily fix these and progress the game's state. World War 3 straight up shines for an early access title in its offering in gunplay.

The Launch Issues

World War 3 launched with its fair share of performance issues. Players experienced bugs like 'connecting to ww3 network' which didn't let you enter the game. Although the devs released an update to fix this issue, players are still reporting this issue. Server and performance issues are expected when a game is launching. However, the hotfixes are still not taking full effect. Let's hope that Farm 51 devs fix this issue as soon as possible.
World War 3 is now available on steam in early access for ₹999/$28.


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