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Fortnite season 6 coming soon!

Fortnite season 6 coming soon!

So the new season of Fortnite’s battle royal from EPIC is coming next week. The developer announced the news on Twitter and the release date is confirmed.  Season 6 will begin on September 27 that is next Thursday.

Time hasn’t been announced, the patch times are given below-
UK: 9 am
Europe: 10 am
East Coast US: 4 am
West Coast US: 1 am
Also not to mention that the whole weekend will be a bonus XP weekend. So its good news for all the Fortnite lovers as they will be rewarding you with 400% XP. So if you want to level up your battle pass then this will be helpful. So do those challenges and gain that extra XP. And this starts from September 24.
Also, it is confirmed that they are not going to release any teasers this weekend. So everything is coming next week. So no confirmed information is available till now. Rumors suggest that something is related to the volcano as the cube moved into the loot lake and started melting. It turned purple in color and became a big trampoline. 7 new outfits are coming but these details are not confirmed So the season 5 is finally coming to an end and season 6 is coming soon.

Keep following us as we will keep updating you about the new season, also tell us in the comment section if you are excited about this new season too!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Cozumel

After safely escaping the collapsing ruins, the narrative goes into another cutscene in Cozumel, Mexico.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
This cutscene describes Dr Dominguez who is leading a few trinity digs in the area. Lara starts describing in detail how the relics they've been searching for are not in Brazil but in Peru. Trinity had always been searching in the wrong place. Dr Dominguez is called upon by someone regarding something of his interest. As he begins to leave the area, Lara and Jonah start follow him.
Masked lara
You have to take control of Lara now and search for Dr. Dominguez. You need to walk up to the gate following the marker and there you will find Dr. Dominguez entering through the guarded gate. Jonah now tries to have a random conversation with the gatekeepers which keeps them distracted enough to let Lara jump through another gate nearby. Once you're inside all you need to do is walk the path until you reach an open gate from where another path continues.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
After walking a bit, you will encounter some soldiers threatening to kill an archaeologist. You need to rescue the archaeologist by stealth killing the two soldiers on the spot.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
Now, you will be instructed on how to highlight the objects of interest. Gathering resource containers, plants and stuff of the like is recommended as they prove to be helpful in the long run. Now, scramble up the wall and it will be followed by a cutscene depicting Ix Chel, the Goddess of the full moon and Chak Chel, the new moon.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
You will be now introduced with the rope grappling features. Follow the game instructions carefully and everything will be fine.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
After the climbing session, you will enter a cave where you will be taught how to use the rope pulling feature using your bow and arrows. The moment you pass through, you will be met with trap spikes enough to kill you. Just scramble through it and keep progressing further.

You will now enter a huge room with loads of stuff to collect. Once you're done collecting dive into the water at the center of the room. While underwater, be sure to keep restoring your breath using air pockets found on the way. You will be attacked by an eel after which you have to lunge up through a narrow passage with a part of which falling on you. Press the button indicated repeatedly to escape out of the water.

Keep progressing and in the next area, you will find yourself before an underground temple. Here you will find a number of platforms suspended using ropes. You need to make your way through them. In the next area, you will find a cart near an underground temple. Break the wall in front of it using your rope and push the cart down. In the next area, you the game will teach you tethering that is how to connect two tether-able points using a rope so you could climb across.

Cart puzzle

Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
Progress further for a while and you will find the cart puzzle. Here you have to push the cart onto a rotatable track.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
Rotate the cart until it's back is facing the side from which you would push. Now, attach another rope to the cart and pull it up. Cut off the rope and cart will break through the debris. Jump on the rightmost platform through an elevated point on the cliff. You need to do a bit of climbing and ledging along the next path. You will loads of interesting stuff.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
An inscription that depicts the Silver Box of Ix Chel and says that the box will summon the God Kulkulkan, a series of cataclysms, a tsunami, storm and an earthquake. Lara then aligns the stars in the middle which reveals a knife which unlocks the Silver Box of Ix Chel.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
Lara takes the knife which triggers an earthquake. Make your way out and you will be taught how to break through weak walls. Hide behind the vegetation on the walls and stealth kill the man there. Proceed to the next area. Here you have to go through many enemies. It is advisable to resort to stealth attacks. Keep using your special vision to detect which of the enemies are safe to be taken down in stealth. Red indicates that it's not safe and yellow indicates that it's safe.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
In the next area take out four men silently and proceed. Now a helicopter appears with a bunch of men trying to attack you. Never open fire. Taking some cover is always helpful. Headshots aren't really effective at these bunch of men owing to the fact they are wearing helmets. Make use of the game's highlighting feature and keep changing your cover to keep your enemies confused. After you are done, pry open the gate and move ahead.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
A cutscene starts where Lara gets captured by Dr. Dominguez who asks her for the Silver Box of Ix Chel. When Lara is unable to produce it he says that there will only be an apocalypse and the death of the Sun without the box. A tsunami starts and he says that Lara is the cause of it.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
While floating in the waters you take control of Lara. All you have to now do is just dodge the obstacles in between the way. A cutscene starts after a while where Lara dives underwater. Now you have to swim your way out into the open. Be sure to make use of trapped air pockets to restore your breath.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
In the next hallway swim up and you will find a wrecked van. Get inside it and break the window of its rear door. Do a bit of parkour after which you will be required to climb up a building. There you find Jonah.
Shadow of the tomb raider - cozumel
A cutscene starts where Lara tell Jonah about all that happened with Dr. Dominguez and also that she wants to get to Hidden city before Trinity. Jonah convinces Lara to stay back for the while and help out the people in misery first. Now, we can proceed to the next part The Peruvian Jungle Part-1.

5 best Android games of 2018

Gaming on mobile has improved a lot since it began. Every year mobile gaming touches new heights and it got better with the launch of Android Nougat and Vulcan API. In the future, it may gain even more impressive titles. So without further delay, let’s start with the top 5 Android games out there in the Google Play Store that you can play for free.
Download: Click Here
PUBG goes mobile – the original online Battle Royale game is now available in these small devices. 100 players onto a remote 8*8 km island for a winner-takes-all showdown. Players have to locate and collect their own weapons, vehicles and supplies and defeat players that they get in the battleground. With time the battleground shrinks forcing the player to fight in the restricted region. So, get to the land, loot, and do whatever it takes to survive and be the last man standing!
click here to watch the trailer
asphalt9ASPHALT 9: LEGENDS-Get in gear and take on world’s best rider to be the next Asphalt legend
Download: Click Here
The creators of the Asphalt 8: Airborne is back again with a new Asphalt series, called Asphalt  9: Legend. Asphalt 9 features a best in class hypercars for you to drive that is unlike that found in any other game, from renowned car manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors. You can pick any of your dream cars and start racing against any competitors in the world at any one of the spectacular locations. Over 50 cars, bunch of challenges and bunch of content to play with. That includes online single player, multiplayer and many other. Hit the fast track and leave your limits in the dust to become a Legend of the track!
click here to watch the trailer
CRITICAL OPS-Be ready for no-nonsense, action-packed first-person shooter!!
Download: Click Here
A fast-paced FPS that will test your reflexes and tactical skill. Experience an intense CT operation. In this, you will battle terrorists in a variety of urban locations or you can also play as terrorists. A large online multiplayer community for this game is present where you can play with your friends or with any random people also. Three modes are available for playing this game. They are Defuse, Team Death Match and Gun Game. Though the game still under development, you can download and play it. You can purchase skins for your weapons also.
click here to watch the trailer
nova legacyN.O.V.A LEGACY-One of the best 3D sci-fi FPS experience game
Download: Click Here
The game comes with a storyline, online multiplayer mode, and a rudimentary crafting system. Having a sci-fi background this game is a little different from other shooting games. Various modes are there for playing this game. They are Story Mode, Shadow Missions and Special Ops. Though the game does not have that much high-end graphics or controls but it values its price tag.
click here to watch the trailer
ClashRoyaleCLASH ROYALE-Lead the Clash Royale family to the victory
Download: Click Here
The latest game from the maker of Clash of Clans has been liked a lot by the users. You collect cards, build decks and then square them off in one-on-one duels with online opponents. Defeat the enemy Royales from their tower to win trophies, crowns, and glory in the arena. You will have your favorite clash characters here also. Though the game is free for download but you can buy some items with real money.

Red dead redemption 2 title

Red Dead Online : Rockstar games drops first details

Red Dead Redemption online mode will be coming soon after Red Dead Redemption 2 launch.
red dead online beta announcemennt
Rockstar games have announced details about Red Dead Online. first of all, The online mode will be a connected experience with RDR 2 open world. RDO is a step up from the previous RDR multiplayer. Above all RDO will be a rich and blended experience. RDO will have a narrative with competitive and co-op play. Even more, RDO will constant updates and adjustments for years to come.
Red Dead Online will launch in November 2018. However, Red Dead Online will launch as a public beta. Access to RDO will be free to anyone with a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2.
Beyond this, Rockstar gave more information on RDO during an interview with IGN. RDO will take inspirations from GTA Online. This will benefit in how RDO mixes online with narratives.
Above all, the devs talked about why Red Dead Online is not launching alongside Red Dead Redemption 2. The main reason being evolving both modes of the game separately. This offers a more fleshed out and cohesive experience. Furthermore, the devs want to address the issues and iron out issues while being in the beta phase.
Red Dead Online will be a more grounded experience. Unlike GTA Online RDO will have the unique 19th century feel to it. However, the narratives will have a similar structure to those from GTA Online.
click here for the full interview

Every major gaming platform you need

Every major gaming platform you need


Let’s address the elephant in the room. Steam has been in the forefront of game publishing for over a decade now. Steam has over 67 million active monthly users. The amount of PC gaming market controlled by steam is over 60%. With over 20 thousand game titles varying from AAA to indies, steam has it all.
you can download the steam client for PC, Mac and Linux using the official link down below for free


Origin is EA’s very own game client. All the EA titles are accessible through origin. Headliner titles like Battlefield, FIFA, Madden etc are available through origin. Origin may not be as huge as steam but it has the titles worth purchasing. Origin also offers a subscription-based service called origin access. 
download origin using the link down below for pc and Mac for free


Uplay is Ubisoft’s game client. All the major Ubisoft titles are marketed here. Beyond this Uplay offers you access to titles like Assassins Creed. However, Steam market these games too.
download Uplay client from the link down below for pc

Battle Net is the game client for purchasing Blizzard titles. Games like Overwatch, World Of Warcraft, Diablo etc. The upcoming Call Of Duty title is going to be in
download from the link down below

Pubg wallpaper


Our very own mobile phone or smart phone has a long history. They have traversed a long path. From simple and dull phones that can only make calls to sophisticated and sleek phones that can do multiple tasks at the same time. It has improved in every segments ranging from hardware to software or from features to processors.
Another segment that has improved in these devices is the games. No one could have imagined that these pocket mobile devices would be able to possess such incredible gaming capacity. Interestingly, the time has changed all that, and mobile gaming is now a success story and it only gets better every day. Let’s quickly walk down memory lane and see how it all started.
During the 1990’s most of the phones used to run on Java OS. At that time Android and iOS was still to grow. So the phones were simply used for calls and some text messaging. Gaming in mobile first came into focus in 1994 when mobile named Hagenuk MT-2000 was launched. It came up with a game named Tetris. It was both popular and simple enough for the phones hardware to handle it. But this device did not run well in the market, so many of us don’t know about the company.
Then 3 years later a game was launched that became a blockbuster and is still played. This game was brought by Nokia 6610 in 1997. Though it became outdated now, they were really addictive at that time. In fact, this game is found on more than 350 million devices.
Few other games were developed by Nokia as well as other phone brands. However, Space Impact and Snake still dominated. While these games were definitely something worth your time, they soon became primitive at the turn of the millennium. Right now, it seems funny to mention these ancient games when we have the likes of Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Temple Run, amongst the myriad of others available.
Over the last few years, mobile gaming has evolved at a rate that has superseded our expectation. The development of technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which were non-existent before has opened the mobile gaming to a lot of possibilities, especially multi-gaming. In fact, the emergence of new OS such as Android, iOS and Windows, have completely revolutionised the mobile gaming world leading to even more titles and variations. For downloading these games mobile content marketplace came into account. For Android, Google Play Store while for iOS, App Store was launched. Now instead of playing only pre-installed games users can also download new games. Games like Angry Birds, Subway Surfer and Temple Run have already crossed 1 billion download since they were introduced. Capability and functionality have also improved a lot since then. Various modes or categories of game were also introduced like Arcade, Shooting, Racing, Adventure, Sports etc.
PC game Player Unknowns Battle Ground was made accessible to every people by introducing PUBG mobile. Craze for the game can be seen by seeing the numbers. They crossed 100 million downloads (iOS and Android combined) in just 4 months.

appropriate as the player moves the device around. The starting location may be a special marker that is picked up by the camera and recognized by the software to determine what to present, or may be based on the location through GPS. A good example is the phenomenal Pokemon Go, which was in the headlines for some time.

Though one of the biggest implementation of technology in gaming is the introduction of augmented reality where the device uses the reverse facing camera. While playing the game, the player aims the device’s camera at a location and through the device’s screen, sees the area captured by the camera plus computer-generated graphics atop it, augmenting the display and then allowing the player to interact that way. The graphics are generally drawn as to make the generated image appear to be part of the captured background, and will be rendered