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Battlefield 5 Firestorm Mode

So a new trailer from DICE is launched for Battlefield 5 and it has provided plenty of information. Battlefield 5 battle royal mode is renamed to firestorm and it supports 64 players. It will consist of 16 teams with 4 players in each team. The firestorm mode will only be available in the squad.
battlefield 5 gameplay
Trailer sadly doesn’t have any new Firestorm footage, but DICE did confirm that the map will be the biggest in history. The trailer gives us a glance at eight multiplayer modes that will be available at launch. Also, there was a mention of war stories, which is a single player campaign.
The Battlefield 5 beta is available starting today but only for players who pre-ordered. On September 6 the Beta version will be available to everyone. The full game will launch on November 20 for all the platforms.

Battlefield 5 Open Beta gameplay

We just played the beta version of the franchise and we found it pretty cool. Why don't you check out the gameplay? Details mentioned below.

PC specs we used:-

CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB AMP Edition
RAM - Gskill Ripjaws 16GB DDR4 2400MHz
Storage - Sanddisk SSD 240GB

Game Settings:-

Settings - ULTRA
DirectX - 11
FPS - 55-60

New weapon collection for CS-GO

Valve announces new weapon collections as souvenir package for London major. You can also get drops by watching CS-GO matches. If you are watching through in-game GOTV or using a steam linked Twitch account you can get drops too.
csgo weapons

    Sony Japan Officially Ends Support of the PlayStation 2

    Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan is going to end its repair service for PlayStation 2.
    Having ended production in 2012, Sony continued to service customer consoles if anything happened to go wrong, including warranty and repairs.
    PlayStation 2, an 18-year-old console was out of production since 2012. The company has been continuing to support it many years after its launch through various services, such as the aforementioned maintenance and repair.
    Back in June, the company sent out notices to any and all PS2 owners that they had until August 31 to fill out an application for them to have their console fixed one more time. Once the form is filled out, the owners need to send in their systems as soon as possible, as they have until September 7. After that, Sony will no longer accept systems for repair or maintenance. The company has updated their notice of termination on the PS2 to reflect this. It’s important to note that this notice is entirely in Japanese. In addition, Sony has also mentioned that it may not be possible for all consoles to be repaired due to lack of parts that are necessary for the 18-year-old system. From here on out, PS2 owners in Japan will have to look elsewhere if they want to fix up the best-selling video game console in history.
    Sony kept the system alive for 18 years, and even though they no longer back the console, the love and support is still strong for the PS2. With 158 million units sold worldwide, it made the console to be the Best Selling Video Game of all time. The console was released way back in March of 2000 in Japan and boasted some of the all-time classics, such as God of War, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus, Jak and Daxter, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Final Fantasy X. 
    A console for the ages, it’s truly sad to see the support comes to a close.

    EA giving away free Battlefield 1 Premium Pass this September

    EA is giving away a grand giveaway of Battlefield 1 Premium Pass for this September.
    battlefield 1
    The American Video game company is all set to run the giveaway from September 11 to 18. This offer will let Battlefield 1 owners play everything Battlefield 1 Premium Pass has to offer for free. The only catch is that you need to own the base game.
    According to a recent announcement, EA said, “You’ll be granted access to all the maps, weapons, vehicles, and more from the four Battlefield 1 expansions — They Shall Not PassIn the Name of the TsarTurning Tides, and Apocalypse. This means access to 16 multiplayer maps, new Operations and game modes, powerful Elite classes, and more.”
    It’s an absolute treat for those players who grabbed the Battlefield 1 previously but missed the premium content.

    Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay: A Brief Analysis


    Finally, after feeling like an eternity CD Projekt Red dropped some content on the much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. The gameplay trailer released by the developers is 48 mins long and gave fans plenty of subjects to debate on.
    Cyberpunk is all about the immersion and experience. When news broke that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be a first-person game, fans weren’t too happy. Almost everyone expected it to be a third person experience like The Witcher. However, the feedback from the press who got to witness the demo at E3 2018 was nothing short than excellent. Finally, we are able to see ‘why’ in this gameplay demo.
    The demo opens with featuring a character creation screen which is also said to have a deep customization system. This is backed by showing how you are able to make a backstory for your character which opens opportunities as the game progress further.

    Let’s get straight into the gameplay now, a keen feature seen here is that of having a destructible environment. There seem to be destructible walls and other plenty of objects which offers a tactical change to the gameplay. The presence of conventional RPG elements like damage indicators is also present. The immersion also adds to having features like biomonitor( to track your health status) social and crafting. It is possible to do takedowns in Cyberpunk 2077 which also has a lethal and non-lethal option. The demo then shows us a glimpse of consumables in the game namely a reflex booster being shown which gives the V ability to slow time down. The ability to hack or access other peoples biomonitor to get their information was also shown.

    Cyberpunk 2077 is a Mature and Visceral experience

    The game won’t shy away from mature interactions with other people and also with the game world. On the subject of being interactive with people, Cyberpunk 2077 gives you dialogue choices while interacting with other NPCsThe dialogue choices have the layout similar to that from The Witcher. Another key feature from the game comes in for of shards which are chips that you can insert into yourself which contains mission briefing or PDA or other info and potentially some virus.
    However, Cyberpunk 2077 is not a strict main storyline following game either. There are random encounters which will happen when you are exploring night city.

    Ripperdoc’s and Cyberware

    Cyberware is basically upgrading yourself with eddies which is the in-game currency. In the demo we see V getting an optical and hand implants, which will give you more features, henceforth, guaranteeing more versatility. The optical implant granted the ability to zoom in and also to scan opponents giving you more information on them. The hand implant granted the ability to view information on the gun you are wielding like ammo count and fire modes. In conclusion, it is to be assumed that this is going to be a crucial mechanic of the game.

    Vehicles and Third-Person Perspective

    Apart from being a first-person game Cyberpunk 2077 provides you a third-person perspective while driving vehicles. The game is said to feature diverse types of vehicles. Combat while maneuvering vehicles also occur,  it can be a random encounter or a part of the story. With the environment of night city being varied from other open world games, this could be interesting.

    Night City and its Environment

    To simply put it, Night City looks jaw-dropping even in daytime. The city feels lived in with all sorts of distractions in every corner and other aspects which makes a world feeling worth exploring. Also to be the cherry on top Cyberpunk 2077 is said to have no loading screens. This will make exploring Night city and doing other activities seamlessly cohesive.

    Story Missions and Approaches

    Cyberpunk 2077 offers players various choices while approaching a mission. This can be well fitting for players with different play styles. This also allows the player a great deal of replayability since the outcome of each choice will differ. Henceforth the game gives you options from going in guns blazing to talking out from situations.  

    Gunplay and Progressions

    Since everything from the demo is subjected to potentially change, guns could change down the line. However, weapons will all feature a progression system. You can upgrade it using modules by swapping them in and out. This again comprehends the player freedom and play styles. Some noticed upgrades was the ability to ricochet bullets off the wall and reveal enemies behind the cover. But still, all these could undergo changes as the game develops. Weapon rarity mechanism is also present.

    Character Progression and Perks

    Cyberpunk 2077 not only features a deep character creation but it also has a deep progression system. By getting more street creds it allows you to gain perks which grant you certain skills which will change the gameplay flow. Stats of your character can also be increased along with cyberware upgrades. This could be the reason for the wall climbing technique seen at the near end of the demo. There could potentially be various iterations of perks like this enhancing your character to suit you.
    With that said, the game is hoped to release for PS4, Xbox One and PC in  2019.