Battlefield V delayed!!!

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Dice taking more time to make adjustments

EA confirmed on the decision to delay Battlefield V. Dice had a statement elaborating on how the team needed more time to make "adjustments on the gameplay". From this delay, it is evident that Dice doesn't want to rush the product out which will be adding more fuel to the fire.
Dice also stated about not rushing the product out as "we're going to take our time to get it right". However,  this delay can well be a double-edged sword. Giving the team more time to polish the game before launch is a very wise decision. As the game stands of right now from a marketing and player perspective the last thing EA wants is it to suffer from a rocky launch like BF4 did.

Battlefield V will release on November 20

The one-month delayed launch of the game will give the game some breathing window from the chokehold of Black ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2. As of earlier BFV had a release date of October 21, which was in between the 2 juggernauts from the AAA environment.
However, delaying the game doesn't come with its own backlash. With all the controversies surrounding the game and the poor marketing along with the delay will portray Dice being not confident enough with their product in at least some eyes. As a result of poor reception from gamers, BFV saw a very low pre-order number making it lag 85% behind Black Ops 4.
Delay in the release date hasn't affected the open beta of the game, the open beta for the game will go up on September 6. The open beta phase will garner a lot of attention as top streamers and content creators will be showing off the game. Hopefully, the adjustments that Dice are doing to the core gameplay will get reflected as Dice intends. 
In the end, we are yet to see how this delay changes the reception to the game as it stands very divisive among the community. For more about Battlefield V  news&updates continue visiting our website.

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