PUBG New Report Feedback System

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Face no more issues against a player as the developers have released a new report feedback system update for pubg.
According to this new - update if the player is reported and is found guilty, then a feedback message will be sent to the user who reported him.  The feedback message will say that the reported person has been banned.
Feedback system
If more than two people have been banned then it will display all the names in one pop up message. This will allow the players to know if they were playing against a hacker or a legit player. The message will only be sent if the reported player is found to use any unauthorized software assistance(Within 15 days). That player will be permanently banned from Steam.
Pubg ban
PUBG is working hard to provide a fair gaming experience. Hackers always ruin the fun in any game and this feedback update will be very helpful. So their campaign Fix PUBG is working and is making the game better every day for you to get a fair Chicken Dinner!

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