Death Stranding - Everything We Know

Death Stranding is an upcoming action game developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4. For the past two years, Kojima Productions has been releasing mind-blowing trailers that give us some hint about mysterious project. Also, various spooky creatures have been introduced in between the sci-fi setting.

Death Stranding is the first game developed by Kojima Productions, the studio is led by game designer Hideo Kojima. The Walking Dead’s star Norman Reedus is the game’s lead.
According to the trailer, the gameplay is still not that clear. From past 4 trailers, there is a sign that it will be an open world game. Also not to mention the futuristic weapons shown in the gameplay. The common problem was the invisible creatures. Initially, the main character is shown struggling and climbing through mountains, crossing rivers and valleys.

Death Stranding - Everything We Know
Upside Down Rainbow

With all the futuristic gears and weapons he keeps walking, the baby inside an incubator is shown and the main character is protecting it. The invisible creatures have huge palm and can cause death if it senses you. The game awards trailer showed many sea creatures and are dead and were focused on king crabs. Not sure about the upside-down rainbow but maybe it represents another world. Also, the trailer showed a skeleton army with worms.
Death Stranding - Everything We Know
Worms with Skeleton Army

According to Kojima, one of the key aspects of the trailer was the idea of a connection between life and death. Every trailer was suggesting about the rising level of oils and even planes were emitting oils. The black oil is shown for the devastation and is continuously rising. Even the some of the poster was shown dipping oils. The game is probably linked with time traveling. Also, the character down below was shown wearing a compass and it was spinning fast, that is not something happens in our world.
Death Stranding - Everything We Know
Notice the oil over him

Kojima suggests that when the player returns to the world of the living, anything they did or any damage that an explosion or the likes cause when the player dies remains persistent in the world and does not go away. Multiple trailers start off with scenes of sea life stranded on beaches connected to weird umbilical cord-like objects.

Death Stranding reached the top ten in the most watched video game trailers on YouTube, with more than 4,500,000 views. In 2017 the game was nominated for the Most Wanted Game which was won by Last of Us 2.
A release date for Death Stranding remains unconfirmed. Hideo Kojima confirmed that it will be released before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
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