Far Cry 5: Title Update 10 adds New Game+ mode and "Infamous" Difficulty

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Ubisoft has released the latest Title Update for Far Cry 5. Title Update 10 adds the new DLC assets to the game while making two major changes to the base game; the addition of a new difficulty level, and the addition of a Far Cry 5 New Game Plus mode.
Far Cry 5: Title Update 10 adds New Game+ mode and "Infamous" Difficulty
The newly added update brings the final DLC, Dead Living Zombies, to the base game, which is only available to those who purchased the season pass.
"Infamous Difficulty" is described as "an extra hard challenge for the most committed players... with a special reward for those who can master it. Enemies hit extra hard, are tougher to kill, and detect you more quickly. Warning: Once you start the game in Infamous difficulty, you will not be able to reduce the difficulty without restarting New Game+".
Infamous difficulty will only be available to those who start the New Game Plus. It should be noted that players should only commit to Infamous difficulty if they are up for the challenge, as the difficulty level cannot be adjusted without completely restarting the New Game+ campaign.
Far Cry 5’s “New Game+” mode lets players start the game over with their current character progress. Specifically, that includes “weapons, unlocks, perks, and challenges”. Players will not keep absolutely everything, however. As the game states; “You will lose all map reveals, mission progress, resistance points, and guns for hire”. The mode changes some of the game’s perks to allow players to purchase them multiple times, thus increasing the benefits they provide. Note that the mode does not affect your Arcade progress.
The update also fixes some bugs and glitches, but also adds new outfits and masks to use.

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