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Free CS:GO Version: Gift from Valve!

So the best selling franchise from is available for free. is releasing a free version of CS:GO that will allow to play offline with bots. Also via GOTV, you will be able to watch professional tournaments. Now you can install CS:GO free from Steam and will receive all the updates too.

Also, you will be able to enter into a private server with bots, allowing you to warm up and test out the game. This will allow many new players to test out CS:GO for the first time. It will give them time to think about whether to invest in this game and start multiplayer or not. It is free so noobs can try out their skills and learn basics before moving to multiplayer.

Users with potato PC can try and see if their PC can run this game at smooth FPS. Although the fun experience comes only in multiplayer, so players cannot take the full advantage of the game while playing it for free. It is not confirmed yet whether the game can be played on LAN. It is also offline so LAN game should be available. Valve should have added death-matches at least because playing with bots will make it boring anyways. Let’s see if Valve can increase their player count and gain more buyers on Steam.

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