Indian Servers Expected To Be Added In Fortnite Soon

Fortnite, a free battle royal game whose world cup just ended one week ago comes with a new leak. According to @fnbrInsider-Fortnite leaks, new servers are about to be enrolled from next month. But, for India there is a good news that now there is going to a dedicated server in India. If you want to check how much will Indian servers will get then you can easily find it. So, firstly you need to open command 'prompt' for windows then type 'ping IP' then you will get the result.

For example if you want to checkout ping of Mumbai then you can simply type "", then you will see 30ms ping which is really good for indian gamers to enjoy their game lag free and get fully entertained while playing this game. The list of servers to be added are:

There is no any official announcement about addition of severs from the Team of 'Epic Games'. But, according to the Reddit users 'it is an older list so, don't look seriously on this leak as anything can happen.' But I have to say only one thing that if Indian servers are added then users of Fortnite will be increased tremendously which will result in availability of more numbers of professional eSports player. One thing that is best we are gonna see a dedicated servers for India. Yeah you all heard right and now we will get full on entertainment and more intensive battles. Now, Indian Fortnite players have got a reason to cheer up for this type of potential shown by this game.

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