The leader of TEAM SOUL, Mortal is about to take a break(leave) from his competitive scenes of PUBG Mobile. In his community post on YouTube, he said that he won't be participating in any of the competitive leagues and PMSC will be his last competitive league, but further continues, 'possibilities are endless'. We may see him back in competitive league. His post is shown below:

Hi guys, Its been a long 2019 and its time I take some decisions. Whatever is Mortal today is because of you guys , my YOUTUBE subscribers and supporters who have stuck to me for the last one year. I entered competitive in the beginning of this year and achieved everything that I wanted to except for the GOLD finish for my country, which I could not this time for the lack of experience. I have been more upset than happy over the past couple of months, being away from my youtube family for days together. Nothing else has given me more satisfaction than being connected with my audience daily with 10pm Stream. But I realised now, that competitive scene has completely left me hanging between my family (that is you guys) and my personal need. I believe I will never get that satisfaction staying away from you guys every month for competitions. I have many personal obligations towards my mom and my brother, which I need to fulfill as the Man of the Family. I have obligations towards YOU, my audience , my community , my people , who look upto me, as their idol. I want to do something for you guys, which I could not till now. Having said that, I would like to announce that I am taking a break from Competitive scene of PUBGM and would stick to full time streaming. In addition I would also want to share with you guys, that I will turn into a full time mentor for teams who wish to Bring pride to India in the near future, as there are several teams in India now to fight at the TOP most level. My team is ready and after many discussions we conclude the final decision, they will continue in esports and be a pride to India Esport requires full time dedication which is day and night practice. This is the reason why there are better professional players in the world than me but not all are streamers. They are proper full time esport professional players. I can be either of the two. So I decide that this is the only way I can stick with my YouTube family throughout the journey and so I am stepping down from the management of Team Soul. Will definitely take part in Influencer programs by PUBG mobile and look into expansion as a streamer. That will be another awesome journey. PMSC 2019 will be my last tournament with TeamSouL. Here are my answers to all your questions to clear your doubts:- 1)Are you Leaving Soul? Ans 1) There are no such plans right now. I have just left Esport SouL. 2)Are you leaving competitive? Ans 2) Yes I am leaving competitive tournaments at present as I want to explore into the field of Being an influencer and also try to work as another medium to encourage esports in India ๐Ÿ˜ 3)Who will be replacing you? Ans 3) There has been no decision regarding this , but the decision lies with the Professional players of Soul! 4)Are you the leader of soul ? Ans 4) No , I am not the leader of SouL. 5)Will we not see you playing with Ronak,Owais and Viper? Ans 5)We are best of friends, everything remains the same with them. Definitely will stream with them and have same masti ๐Ÿ˜ 6)Why not Competitive? Ans 6) because I always wanted to play various games and explore. I began my journey as an Influencer. And also I have now played many competitive tournaments. I realise that it cannot be Streamer + Professional Esports (itโ€™s difficult and stressful to handle both) 7) Is this decision because of Poor Performance in PMCO Global? Ans 7) No, it was very stressful to practice and stream.

His team is ready for competitive scenes and for now Scout is about to replace Mortal, but it's still not crystal clear. This team is formed for new competitive league, PMIT. As you have read the above paragraph, you know now that why he is leaving competitive scenes. But he will always help the team as strategist. He says that, the recent competitions have brought a lot of pressure on him so he wants to take leave from competitive scenes but he will continue streaming and enjoy the game with his YouTube family. He decided to continue as an influencer and help potential players to rise in the field of gaming.

After this many of his fans were disappointed by the decision of leaving competitive leagues and there were many comments requesting him to return in the game. But we should respect Mortal's decision because he has many responsibilities towards his family and friends. However, it's possible to see Mortal return in competitive scenes as he said 'possibilities are endless'. So, at last but not the least, we should respect Mortal and his decision because he has a lot of things for 'Indian Gaming Community.'

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