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Ninja is one of the biggest stars in the world of gaming and the biggest star in the twitch platform. He has already set the benchmark with millions of followers and thousands of subscribers. And now, Ninja has left Twitch to join Mixer

His estimated earnings was over $10 million in the year 2018


What is Mixer?

Likewise other streaming platforms, Mixer is a streaming platform that Microsoft owns and is trying to make it a big streaming platform.

Mixer distinguishes itself from other streaming platforms by emphasizing interactivity between streamers and their viewers; the service advertised that there would be latency of less than a second between the original broadcast and when it is received by users, rather than 10–20 seconds. This feature is leveraged by an interactivity platform, where viewers can use buttons displayed alongside a stream to influence the stream (such as voting or influencing game play). Users can spend "Sparks" (earned for watching and participating in streams) to activate these interactivity features, and Mixer support can be integrated into games via an SDK.

In November 2018, the site unveiled a major update branded as "Season 2", including features launching immediately, and plans for upcoming features. The update added an automatic quality adjustment for the player, "Skills" — a feature that can be used to trigger special animations and effects in chat. Some premium skills are purchased using the paid currency "Embers"; channels can receive revenue from Embers spent by their viewers. Partnered streamers can also receive payment bonuses based on the volume of Sparks spent on their channels. In April 2019, Mixer added "Channel Progression" — a level system for tracking users' engagement with a particular channel over time. Users can receive benefits to reward their long-term participation.

The Contract between Ninja and Mixer!

Microsoft came along with an undisclosed offer and signed an exclusive contract with Ninja for its own streaming platform, Mixer, on Aug. 1. Ninja is no longer a Twitch streamer and he’ll only be on Mixer starting Aug. 2 with a broadcast from music festival Lollapalooza while playing 0n Friday Fortnite.

He was already so big on Twitch that his move surprised a lot of people, something he recognized would happen and that he joked about in his Mixer announcement video.

But many people are curious to know how much money Mixer offered Ninja to move to its platform. He didn’t detail his contract, so nobody is sure, and so far, it’s impossible to know. But that hasn’t stopped people from speculating.

Twitch streamer Sebastian “Forsen” Fors gave his own “educated guess” based on his experience as a big streamer and former professional Starcraft and Hearthstone player. He took a conservative approach and he estimates that Ninja is on a contract that will give him between $6 million and $8 million a year for at least three years.

“You wouldn’t sign anything less than three years, but I don’t think Mixer would like to sign for more than three years,” Forsen said. “Because once they sign, he’s already committed. You don’t do longer contracts in esports longer than three years.”

Ninja's First Live stream on Mixer

Ninja leaves Twitch for Mixer

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is moving from Twitch to Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer. He announced yesterday that he’s streaming there exclusively from now on, which means fans will no longer see him live on Twitch as long as his contract with Mixer is valid.

When is NINJA going live on Mixer??

Ninja’s first livestream will be at 12 pm CT today live from music festival Lollapalooza. The event is being held in Chicago and Ninja will have a special streaming room in the middle of the crowd so he can play Fortnite during the shows.

What will Ninja’s schedule be after that?

Ninja wrote in his Mixer channel description that he’ll stream from 9:30 am to 6 pm CT every day with the times being subject to change.

Fans who subscribe to Ninja’s channel will have perks similar to those of a Twitch subscription. They’ll get exclusive emotes, a subscriber badge, and any other benefit that Ninja offers for subscribers.

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