PUBG Mobile Lite: Features and How to Download

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PUBG Mobile works almost on every phone, but some unfortunate few older phones might face problems. Tencent Games has come up with PUBG Mobile Lite to heal those players. This new version aims to work on low-end smartphones. While the lite version has so far only been available in Philippians, Tencent has confirmed that they are testing PUBG Mobile Lite and ‘optimizing it for Indian networks and devices,’ but still unknown when it will launch in India.
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Lighter with same experience.

PUBG Mobile Lite Features

When you first power up the PUBG Mobile Lite, the visuals, the login and splash screen are exactly the same, and so is the matchmaking screen.

  • App Size

There’s a huge difference in app size. The size has massively dropped from 1.8GB to mere 338MB. Face no difficulty while installing it on phones with limited storage.
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  • Low Graphics

PUBG Mobile Lite has been optimized for entry-level phones and old phones with 2GB RAM. The graphics has been set to ‘low’ by default and the setting to change or increases the graphics has been dropped.
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It is not blemish and definitely playable but the objects and players at a distance will look pixelated and distorted at most times.
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  • Game Modes

The lite has definitely compromised in game modes. You can only play solo, duo or squad match in third-person perspective (TPP) in Classic mode, which are quite satisfactory. While you’ll find missing the arcade or war mode, FPP (first-person perspective), weapon skins, and the Royale Pass.
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  • Smaller Map

Tencent has changed the dynamics of their battle royale experience in lite version with the introduction of a smaller, new 2*2 km island map, which looks like it’s a part of Erangel.
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The map is spread across with rich greenery and similar-looking homes, lighthouses, and vehicles, along with limited number of weapons.
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  • Fewer Players

The total-in-game player count has been reduced from 100 to just 40, which means it’s you vs 39 other players. More chance to grab Chicken Dinner, isn’t it? Also, on average the game has been reduced to 10-12 minutes, with a fast approaching blue zone!
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How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite in India

Below are the steps to get the game running in your Android Phone:

  • Download the APKPure App.
  • Search for PUBG Mobile Lite on that app and download and install it.
  • Use a VPN to set your location to the Philippines
  • Connect to a local server to start a match

As for the game to launch in India, we can expect it to happen in the coming weeks as Tencent confirmed that it is currently testing and optimizing PUBG Mobile Lite for Indian networks and devices.

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