PUBG Mobile : Season 3 Releasing Soon

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Well, this game needs no introduction and PUBG fans are waiting for a new update.
Pubg mobile : season 3 releasing soon
Tencent is very popular and has a very active community when it comes to update and optimization. With 100 million downloads in 4 months of launch(excluding China, Japan and Korea), the game has already proven to be a big, massive hit.
With 7 weeks of Season 2 getting ended, PUBG players are all set for Season 3. PUBG Season 3 is said to release on 22nd August. Players will the get the Season 3 in the form of an app-update.
As Tencent and Bluehole Corporation launched PUBG Mobile Season 3 in home country China, we know a lot of 'What to expect' from the game.

Pubg mobile : season 3 releasing soon

PUBG Season 3(China) Inside Look

While we don't have any news for Sanhok map getting added in the upcoming update, what we have now is highlights of Season 3 from already launched version in China.

  • New Emoticons

Pubg mobile : season 3 releasing soon
While Season 2 gave us some cool emoticons like dancing., Season 3 brings you new dancing emoticon. Besides, 2 emoticons, "Angry" and "Surrender" which were exclusively for Elite Royal Pass will be available for free in Season 3.

  • Flight Direction Arrow and Apple

Pubg mobile : season 3 releasing soon
For all the PUBG Mobile players this is a new feature. While few who played the PC version are familiar with it, players will now be able to see the Path of the Aircraft before the flight takes off. Bored of fist-fighting before take off? No worries, you can now throw an apple and keep everyone away.

  • New Crate

Pubg mobile : season 3 releasing soon
Use your hard-earned Battle Points to unlock new wares from Soldier Crate. New skins of SCAR-L and UZI, following with some new wearable like Aviator Glass, Mask, and Trench Coat.

  • Chicken Dinner Bonus

Pubg mobile : season 3 releasing soon
Everyone loves bonus! When a player wins an intensive, hardcore death battle of 100 players they win "Chicken Dinner", which you can't eat it. With the upcoming update, Chicken Dinner can get you to unlock few more Emoticons.
So to conclude Season 3 is going to be awe-inspiring.

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