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PUBG India Bonus Challenge: Everything To Know

has given us the best way to earn UC and items in the form of India Bonus Challenge in India. Tencent buddies enables players to earn battle coins by doing weekly bonus challenge and these battle coins which you have earned can be converted into UC later on in order to purchase new outfits of and remember you can’t convert it into real cash and it is the best way to have fun and get free UC cash. Players can join this at the tab having trophy icon and you must have reached level 20 or above to participate in it which will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

PUBG India Bonus Challenge

You can play India Bonus Challenge in 3 tiers they are Novice, Adept and Expert which will cost 10 UC, 20 UC and 30 UC respectively and if you don’t have UC you can participate through vouchers as you can see in the above image. From this tournament you will be able to earn 300 battle coins in Novice, 1000 coins in Adept and 1500 battle coins in Expert along with that each kills in Novice, Adept & Expert will give you 15, 30 & 45 coins respectively and your final score will be determined by the tier and total number of participants in that match with your rank.

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